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Welcome to our loan library, please feel free to scan through all our information about borrowing money online. We hope it helps and if you have any questions just drop us a message.

Applying For Online Loans

Our Apply link is located at the top of each page, click this link and we will take you straight through to our application form. Tell us how much you want to borrow and how long for, once you have filled in your details we will start our online loans search for you.

Please use our loan library to retrieve all the information you need. You can access other areas of our website from the main menu and footer. Also, you may notice a few of our ‘Apply Now’ buttons placed around the website, each one of these will to take you through to our application form.

If you come across any highlighted text while reading, clicking these will take you to relevant areas relating to those words.

Online loans no credit check

 As a loan broker, we do not perform any credit checks or request proof of income. We just need to know you can afford the repayments. In a nutshell, we ask for:

  • The amount you need

  • Your borrowing period

  • Contact details

  • Employment status

  • Monthly income

  • Bank account info

Note: When asking for your bank account information we only ask for card type, sort code and account number. This is so we can pay the loan to the bank account of your choice. Any lender supplying online loans in the UK will ask for this information. All your information will be fully secured through our website by McAfee Secure, please click the icon to find out more.

personal loans solo bird

There are many types of online loans…

Unsecured Loans Explained

Payday loans, personal loans, bad credit loans and guarantor loans are all types of unsecured credit. Unsecured loans do not require the customer to use an asset (e.g. Car/House) as the collateral to secure the loan. So, with our online loans, there is no need to risk losing any assets that you have invested so much time and money into.

Why choose Unsecured Online Loans?

  • Building your credit – As long as you stick to your monthly direct debits and repayments, an unsecured loan can be a major positive on your credit score.
  • Home improvements – You have finally secured the purchase of your abode and it is in desperate need of a facelift. These loans can provide a short-term solution for those interior or exterior improvements.
  • Guarantors – You don’t need to have a guarantor against an unsecured loan, however, if your credit score is below average, one may be required. Most lenders provide this as an option to help you with the loan you want.
  • Weddings – A day which is very important in our lives and let’s not forget, costly. The day needs to be perfect and memorable, and an unsecured loan can offer some support through that ever-growing bill.
  • No assets to secure lending – Personal and short-term payday loans mainly work on affordability. So as long your monthly income stays healthy this acts as security to the lenders, so you don’t have the worry of needing to secure an asset against the loan.

Our Unsecured Loans

This is one of the most popular loan options and is used world wide. More and more UK residents are choosing to lend with this model. We give you free access to our service, offering a variety of unsecured online loans designed to provide the best possible rates.

Whether you are looking for any short term loans for those unforeseen emergencies or personal loans for any big-budget buys, we can definitely assist you. Join the thousands of customers who have already used our free service and benefitted with the right loan for them.


Online Loans in the UK

We’ve been involved in the financial sector since early 2015. We specifically provide online loans to the UK as we believe it’s the most time effective way to offer options for financial support. You can search for a variation of loans at your own leisure with deposits on the same day if need be. This sought after borrowing tool was built based around efficiency and customer convenience.

One simplistic online application provides access to a decision in seconds.

Once accepted most of our lenders can send the money to your account within 10 minutes.

Benefits of Online Loans

In the financial lending industry, your credit rating is your CV to the lender.

In the same way, an employer will assess a CV, a lender will assess your credit rating. This can often be a tireless search process before you find a lender that will offer you the loan you want.

We supply you with free and immediate access to our lenders. This gives you more options and offers a lifeline to anyone struggling with their credit CV. Please do not suffer in silence. We have assisted thousands of happy customers with our online loans, we could assist you too.

If you want to compare online loans in the UK, you will discover through our service that just one, straightforward application form is all it takes. This is the simplest way to receive an instant decision.

Your application is sent to a large panel of lenders to match you with the most suitable loans, offering the lowest possible APR.

Using our business model could save you time and money. There’s no need for a meeting with a loan approving agent or even a face to face conversation as everything is easily processed online.

We put you in contact with the UK’s best providers for all types of online loans. Also, we work with UK loan lenders who are reputable, trustworthy and importantly FCA-authorised, giving you that security and peace of mind.

Why choose online loans?

Have you overspent on your monthly financial income or have too many outgoings? Sometimes things can snowball at the most inconvenient times, whether it’s your boiler that’s stopped working, or an unexpected bill that falls on your doorstep. Many situations are everyday occurrences which demand instant attention.

LoanBird is here to help and can provide instant support until the next payday or longer if needed. With flexible terms, no credit checks or paperwork, we make it easy when it comes to providing online loans.

Customers who require online loans will expect the money as quickly and effectively as possible. That’s why we are passionate about providing the best possible journey for every customer with immediate helpful options. Please be assured that our loan terms are always transparent and we won’t have you waiting around for an answer.

LoanBird always aims to deliver a decision in minutes.

Points to remember

Customers can opt for a loan to cover various needs, from a holiday to purchasing a property. There are a variety of loans on the market each suited to different circumstances. Understanding what loan is right for you and how it works is the first step to borrowing responsibly.

Here’s a quick and useful overview to cover some important points on loans.

Loans are financial contracts to which the lender agrees to provide the consumer with a particular value of money. The money is to be paid back monthly over a set period of time. Please note there will be interest on repayments at an agreed rate. Terms and conditions of a loan will differ from lender to lender.

Loans are available in various ways, but, in a nutshell, there are two main types:

  • Unsecured loans – are available to the majority of people who are employed.
  • Secured loans – will be offered against the use of an asset (usually your home) as collateral.

Do your homework

When you are applying for a loan you should always ensure you know how much you want to borrow. It is always important to know what your affordability is in loan repayments, and it’s best to do this before you start your loan application. Never use a loan associated company who charges upfront fees for their service of providing you with any online loans or high street loans.

Change of heart

You always have a cooling off period with any lender. A cooling off period gives you the option to change your mind if need be. Please see your lenders terms and conditions for further information.

A Cooling off period is usually a minimum of 14 days.

It is essential that anyone taking out a loan is well informed and experiences a process of complete transparency. All of our lenders are fully FCA authorised for providing online loans. They all take conscious part in treating the customer fairly at all times.


Payday Loans Online

Why are payday loans online so popular? Well i suppose it’s mainly because they are a form of short-term credit. Also, they are the smallest type of online loans available in the UK, usually offering as little as £100.00. The majority of people that apply for a payday loan online is to put them to use for unexpected eventualities, usually for bills that have to be paid instantly.

The term ‘payday loan’ was put together to bracket a type of short term loan which can offer financial support until the next payday. This popular loan option is applied for by millions on a monthly basis, with most lenders providing the money on the same day.

  • On average cash is sent within 10 minutes
  • £100 – £2,000 available
  • Repayment terms up to 12 months

Payday Loans in the UK

Short-term lending has been around for many years, traces of this lending option dates all the way back to the late 1800’s. This worked in the way that workers would take out loans before their payday.

Before today’s banking, having access to overdrafts was limited, so a smaller loan was sometimes needed to pay bills.

Today, the payday loan market is more diverse with many other lending options such as pawnbrokers, online loans and commercial lending. Pawnbrokers have become increasingly popular over the years with many individuals using personal items as collateral for the loan. Online UK lending figures are on the rise with around 10 million payday loans taken out each year.

Payday loans are usually borrowed for a maximum of 30 days. This normally means the customer uses this loan option until the end of the month or payday.

Payday Loans near me

Loan Bird is here to help.

We have assisted thousands with payday loans online, providing a fast and effective service which has received great feedback. Our website offers a great tool for anyone wanting to search the loan market in one place. We work with lenders up and down the country and who are well established. The lenders we partner with aim to offer the lowest available rates and provide diverse terms to suit all circumstances.

Accessing our payday loans online is very straightforward, we put the customer in control. Meaning, no lengthy vetting phone calls and no paperwork to sign, just one simple online form. These loans can give any individual the boost they need, hence the ever-rising popularity for this borrowing tool.

We search all the lenders so you don’t have to, apply for one of our payday loans online today to see if we can help.


Personal loans online

Have you been looking at personal loans online recently? Larger bills are often difficult to pay off, and the struggle of keeping up with repayments on multiple debts are not easy to manage. Sometimes, explaining this to your creditors can be difficult, as contractual jargon kicks in and they might not help. Relieving yourself of this pressure is never easy and a solution can seem unachievable.

However, with our flexible personal loans online you could consolidate your current debts with one payment. You would use one of our online loans to pay off all these debts, giving you the ease of managing one direct debit.

Other personal loan examples:

  • New Car
  • Holiday
  • The perfect wedding
  • Home enhancements

Personal Loans in the UK

Loan bird is a leading UK loan company who are here to assist your financial needs!

If you need a larger sum to support financial needs, you can borrow up to £25,000. This offers a popular solution for larger expenses like the examples above.

We want to cater to as many customers as possible. Our online loans provide you with the choice of different options, meaning you have the advantage to acquire the best suitable loan.

Borrowing cash is not always the most feasible solution. We offer all UK residents a platform to use our service for free. This means you don’t need to worry, you can find out the likability of approval before going ahead with a personal loan.

Short Term Loans Online

With flexibility being at the heart of our customer service, we understand paying your loan back on the next payday can be difficult. This is why many of our customers prefer to extend their payment plans over a number of months, making it more affordable.

There is no need to stretch yourself when paying back your loan, our short term loans online offer borrowing amounts up to £2,000. Borrowing periods range between 1 – 12 months giving you the reassurance that costs can be managed.

Your payments will be agreed at an affordable fixed rate, taking any worries away from needing to use limited loan options, friends or family. If you want to pay off some of your loan early this can save you money. Please be aware that most lenders will charge an early repayment fee.

Our panel of UK lenders provide a range of short term loan options, so whatever the circumstance or terms, we can assist you.

If you’re interested in reading more we have an article advising 4 points on short term loans.

Guarantor Loans Online

A guarantor loan is another type of an unsecured personal loan. This works in the way that another person (the guarantor) is used to secure a loan for the borrower.

As long as the guarantor is eligible they will be able to act on behalf of the individual in need of the loan. The guarantor effectively provides a plan B for the lender in case the borrower can’t repay the loan.

Most lenders will not need to contact the guarantor as long as the borrower keeps up with each monthly repayment. The only time the guarantor will be contacted is if the loan falls into a state of arrears. A guarantor will always share responsibility with the borrower on the full repayment of the loan.

If you want to read more, check out our article on guarantor loans. Or if you want to apply for one of our guarantor online loans, just fill in an application form.

Logbook Loans Explained

A logbook loan works in the way that the loan is secured against your personal vehicle. This gives you the availability to release some money from the value of your vehicle. Your personal vehicle gives the lender collateral to warrant the loan.

In some cases, logbook lenders will be more than likely to lend having the security of your vehicle. All logbook loan providers will require the original logbook (V5C) which will be held for the time the loan is borrowed for.

Basically, you hand over the ownership of your vehicle for the duration of the loan. You can still use the vehicle as long as you keep up with all your loan repayments. As soon as the loan is paid off the V5C is sent back to you.

Logbook loans are known to be expensive and are seen as a high risk as you could end up losing your vehicle.

Have you tried all other loan options?

If possible, always try other personal loan options rather than using a logbook loan. Our lenders invite all credit types for personal loans and payday loans. Try one of our applications forms first to see if you are eligible.

If you have any questions contact LoanBird or your lender directly. To get in touch with us click the ‘contact us’ page, or to contact your lender use the information provided in the loan offer or via their website.

Loans from Home

Online services are dominating each and every market. Whether your searching for a nice outfit or the latest gadgets, being able to do this from home makes the process much more convenient.

Our website has been designed to provide a unique service in the loan industry. You can access our platform from any device, whether you are on the move or on the couch at home.

We are open 24/7 so use our service when it suits you best!

A lot of people still rely on other methods to achieve a loan, for certain individuals this might be the only solution. If you are using personal belongings to secure a loan, there is a chance you could lose a possession which holds a sentimental value. High street methods can involve a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, and your possessions are normally valued at a lower amount.

As long as you are in employment and can afford repayments, the vast majority of our lenders will provide some loan options. With a high number of lenders behind our application form, there is no need to search up and down the high street for a loan. Also, as we are open all hours there’s no need to wait until the next day.

Our service allows you to put your feet up, pop your details in with ease, and apply to more lenders than you could visit in one whole month.

High Success Rates

Because we use multiple lenders under one umbrella, our loan to borrower success rate has been performing well from the beginning. So far this year our acceptance rate has been hitting a high percentage with more than 8 out of 10 people being successful with their loan application.

Part of a high success rate is catering for all types of online loans and credit ratings. Some of our lenders even offer guarantor loans and bad credit loans, so no need to worry or be apprehensive due to certain circumstances. Our guarantor lenders will accept a friend or family member to act on your behalf.

Note: They will need to have a good or fair credit history.

Some companies out there can leave you hanging on for an answer, whether it’s good or bad you will want to know. Even if you are unsuccessful with our lenders, we will notify you immediately and offer other options if we can.

Same Day Cash

Most of us have expectations when being provided with a service. The efficiency of any service plays a key part in the conclusion of our satisfaction rating. For example, if you are eating in a restaurant you would expect the food quickly, nobody likes waiting around.

With LoanBird, you can apply swiftly for any type of our online loans. Having a high success rate with our loan applications explains how we nomally get the funds to you on the same day. In most cases, we have delivered funds to our customers in minutes from the lender’s application acceptance.

We use a system providing access to search most of the UK lenders in one place. Our application and search process is one of the quickest in the country, finding more than eight out of ten applicants a loan.

Any unsuccessful applicants will still be notified on the same day of application. If we cannot provide you with one of our online loans, we may advise other options to assist you in your search.

Try our free service to see if we can accept your loan request today!

Online loan companies

Transparency online

Most of us have a neighbourly friend whose door is always open. They are very welcoming, and you can always pop round for a chat.

Think of us as your friendly neighbour, we are always interested in what you have to say.

If you need help we are only a quick tap of the keyboard away. We at Loan Bird uphold honesty and transparency as we want all customers to feel reassured in our service. The door is always open.

We would like to think that our loan library offers detailed information on all the online loans we provide. However, we do understand that our customers may have further questions. Our dedicated team will answer any questions and queries you may have, and they will always try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Unlike some competitors Loan Bird wants all customers to know that they are dealing with a real person. Certain companies may send automated replies with nothing to follow. Our team strive to do their best with all questions effectively and efficiently. We will endeavour to follow up any on-going queries until you are satisfied.

You can click the contact us tab at the top of any page to ask us anything.

Brokers and direct lenders online

Please be aware that some companies will look to charge you hidden fees. Make sure you’re aware of this before you use any online loans services.

If you don’t already know, our service is free! With us, you are safe from hidden charges or service fees. Once you apply with all the full terms will be presented to you (the cost of the loan and interest repayments etc.).

It will be clear to you how much you need to pay back and when you need to pay it. We strongly advise you study all the terms of your loan so you understand them. If you apply for a loan which you cannot afford and end up missing repayments, this could lead to further costs.

Note: Make sure you can afford the loan you apply for.

We believe highly in responsible lending, and offer you the variation of all our online loans so you have the choice to help suit affordability. Try out our service to see if we can assist any long term or short term finances.

Online Interest Rates and APR

Interest Rates Explained

Sometimes interest rates can be difficult to understand, especially when you are searching various amounts/rates for different online loans. The interest rate for any loan will tell the customer the exact amount of interest they pay over the time chosen.

Interest works as a percentage of the loan and rates can be calculated differently. This depends on the individual’s circumstances and also the terms of each loan. Rates will either be calculated daily, monthly or annually depending on the type of loan and how long it is borrowed for.

You repay the full amount of what is borrowed plus the interest.

Payday example

£300 borrowed at 4% interest for a week, you would pay back £312 at the end of the week.

Calculation example

(4% (Interest rate) x 300 (loan amount) = 12)

(£300 (Loan amount) + £12 (Interest rate) = Repayment of £312.00)

Compound Interest

Interest can also be calculated as compound interest (usually occurs when borrowing over a longer time period). This works in the way that interest will be calculated with the original loan amount, plus any interest added on.

Annual example

Suppose you had a 5% annual interest rate (over 3 years) on a £400 loan, this would work like so:

After year one you would owe: £420 5% of £400 loan is £20, added to the original loan of £400 (£20 + £400  = £420.00)

Then year two you would owe: £441 5% of £420 owed is £21, added to the owed amount of £420 (£21 + £420 = £441.00)

Finally year three you would owe: £463.05 5% of £441 owed is £22.05, added to the owed amount of £441 (£22.05 + £441.00 = £463.05)

The total amount charged by compound interest is: £63.05

Note: The above example has been simplified for easy reading. Different loan terms can involve far more complicated calculations.

What is APR?

This stands for Annual Percentage Rate. The APR works out the interest on the loan alongside any other potential charges e.g. arrangement fees. All loan providers should tell you their APR rate before you agree to any terms or a contract. However, this can vary from lender to lender depending on the terms and circumstances.

As it includes potential charges this means the APR can be a little confusing at times. It could be that the interest rate is 12% per annum, but the APR is 14%, due to the addition of charges this adds another 2% interest.

The representative APR provided by any lender should be an illustrative example of the offer supplied for most customers. It should take into consideration any fees, charges or additional costs related to the loan. A representative APR must also compute the compound interest so it offers a more practical value example of cost when borrowing.

APR Example

Example: you apply for a payday loan at £500, and you pay an interest fee of £50. The loan needs to be repaid within 14 days. Let’s work out the APR:

  • 1: Divide the interest by the loan amount
  • 2: Multiply the result by 365 (How many days in a year)
  • 3: Divide that result by the whole term of the loan
  • 4: Multiply the result by 100

Let’s include the figures to solve the example above:

  • £50 divided by £500 = 0.1
  • 0.1 multiplied by 365 = 36.5
  • 36.5 divided by 14 equals 2.6071 (this is your APR in decimal format)
  • 2.6071 multiplied by 100 = 260.71% APR

Why customers choose Loan Bird

Flexible Borrowing terms

We have many options to offer, for all types of circumstances.

Online loans Only

Quick service and response time.

Our service is free

No hidden charges with us.

No Cold calling

We work online only, so no need for us to contact you.

same day deposits

Our customers love how quick the service is.

No credit checks from us

No notes on your credit file.

Representative APR: 279.5% | Representative Example: Loan Amount: £300 | Borrowed for 60 days | Total Repayment: £420.82 in 2 monthly installments of £210.41 | Interest Charged: £120.82, interest rate 120.8% pa (Variable).

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Timescales on receiving your funds may vary from lender to lender and depends if your bank accepts faster payments. The loan amount and interest rate offered is subject to the lender’s requirements and approval.

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