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Rates from 12.9% APR to 1625.5% APR. The Minimum Loan Term is 1 month. Maximum Loan Term is 36 months. Representative Example: £1,000 borrowed for 18 months. Total amount repayable is: £1564.59. Interest amounts to £564.59, annual interest rate of 59.97%. Representative APR: 79.5% (variable).

WARNING: Late repayment can cause serious money problems. For help, visit moneyhelper. LoanBird are a licenced credit broker, not a lender. LoanBird does not make credit decisions.

Can We Find You a 100% Acceptance Loan Today?

Step 1
Firstly, select the loan amount you want and how long you would like to borrow it for.
Step 2
Once you’ve submitted all your information, you will receive a fast decision. We'll show you your options from our panel of direct lenders – review and choose the offer that suits your needs!
Step 3
Finally, once you have accepted the loan, the lender will send the cash straight to your bank account. Most customers receive the cash on the same day, within 60 minutes.

In search of loans with high acceptance rates? LoanBird can help, as we understand the desire for loans with near-certain approval and offer a free, smart search to connect you with pre-approved lender offers. While 100% acceptance loans is a challenge due to necessary checks, we strive to match you with lenders where approval is highly likely. As FCA-authorised brokers, we work with a panel of FCA-approved lenders, focusing on your affordability for realistic loan options. Whether you need an instalment loan or a short-term solution, start your search with LoanBird. Click ‘Apply Now’ to explore your tailored loan opportunities.

Seeking 100% Acceptance Loans? We Could Help You Fast

Many people want to find lenders online who can offer 100% acceptance loans. However, the reality of finding this type of lender is difficult – in fact, no lender can provide loans accepted no matter what, without the right checks in place. At LoanBird, we understand you want to find the closest options to loans with 100% approval as possible. That’s why by using our completely FREE intelligent search, you’ll be able to access pre-approved direct lender offers on the loan you’re looking for.

100% acceptance loans are possible when you look in the right places, however, you will still need to meet eligibility criteria and prove you can afford them. We’d love to say we can help you find 100% approval loans accepted no matter what, but this is only possible once certain factors are checked.

We are FCA authorised brokers, meaning we can connect you with our FCA approved panel of lenders who you’ll be pre-approved for after completing your application. We can help you find as close to 100 percent loan approval as possible as long as you can prove your affordability to sustain the loan repayments required.

Whether it’s an installment loan over a long-term agreement you need, or payday loans with 100% acceptance for a short-term emergency, we can show you who you’re most likely to be approved for quickly, 24/7.

Click apply now to start your application and get loan acceptance for the amount and term you need today.

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Benefits of Choosing LoanBird To Find High Acceptance Loans

Quick and easy online application

Find easy acceptance loans in the UK up to £15,000

If you get an 100% acceptance loan online, it’s usually sent the same day

Instant decision, FREE online search

Look for payday loans with high acceptance, short term loans, guarantor loans and more

Find potential offers of loans with 100% approval with no credit check required

Over 30 FCA authorised UK lenders of high acceptance loans

Instant bad credit loans available with high approval

Cash in your account within 60 minutes of approval

No brokerage fees – completely FREE to use!

Is it Possible to Get 100% Acceptance Loans?

No responsible lender can guarantee you will be approved for a loan 100%, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t lenders out there who claim to do so. When searching online and finding lenders offering 100% acceptance loans with no guarantor, you should be wary and check the details of the loan. It could turn out to be too good to be true, that’s why using an authorised credit broker can help you avoid the potential pitfalls.

We only connect you with trusted FCA authorised lenders, so you’ll know that continuing your application with any of them will mean you will be treated fairly as a customer. Although they cannot provide a 100 percent loan approval right away, if after assessing your application and conducting a credit check you meet all their requirements, your loan acceptance request can become a certainty.

It’s simple to get started, with our application form taking only a few minutes to complete – it’s why we can help customers find 15 minute loans. Once you’ve told us how much you want to borrow and how long for, you’ll immediately see your available offers of easy acceptance loans in the UK you’re eligible for. You’ll then have as long as you want to review your offers and make a decision, and there is no obligation to continue if you can’t find an offer you really want. As there is no hard check of your credit file at this stage, you can find 24/7 loans when it’s convenient for you without impact to your current credit rating.

If you do find an offer you want to apply for, choose the loan you want and continue your application with the lender. If all goes well and you get a 100% approval loan decision, you could have the funds in your bank account within 60 minutes of signing.

Is There a Certain Eligibility for 100% Approval Loans?

With our service being as close to 100% acceptance loans – it allow us to help many more customers than other lenders can. We designed our platform in this way to help provide satisfaction for all applicants, so if you are someone with a poor credit history, we can still help you find loans with high acceptance for you. You can apply to see if you qualify for a 100% approval loan if you are currently:

At least 18 years of age

A current resident in the UK

Hold a UK bank account with a valid debit card

Receive a regular income

Meeting the above is the first step, then once you have chosen a lender offer, you can complete your application with them. As part of the lender process towards a 100% approval loan decision, you will need to provide the lender with supporting documents including your proof of identity, proof of address and your most recent bank statements. If you can do so quickly, you’ll receive a decision quicker too. We recommend all applicants have these documents prepared before applying to avoid any delays with your application.

Please note, when seeking short-term or payday loans with high acceptance rates, you should carefully consider if this type of loan is suitable for you. As a broker, we do not make lending decisions ourselves, so it is up to the lender you choose to fully assess your credit and affordability. We can show you easy acceptance loans offers that are a match for your details, helping you narrow your search. Getting a short term or payday loan with 100% acceptance in the UK isn’t guaranteed, so you will need to ensure you are not in current financial difficulties and that the loan can be sustained throughout the repayment term. Please check the full details of the lender offer you want to continue with before doing so.

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Search as Close to 100% Acceptance Loans with LoanBird Today!

Ready to see if you can get 100% loan approval today? Just click apply now and we can get started – remember, it’s completely FREE to view your lender offers and you won’t need a credit check to do so.

Any questions? Please browse our FAQs or contact the team here directly by getting in touch. We look forward to helping you get the funding you need with close to 100% acceptance loans from our trusted panel of lenders.

100% Acceptance Loan FAQs

Whilst we can guarantee you will be able to see your lender offers for FREE, no lender can guarantee approval straightaway. To get a 100% acceptance loan, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria as well as undergo credit and affordability checks once you have chosen a lender. Only once your application has been assessed will a lender be able to provide 100% approval. Each lender we can connect you with follows responsible lending guidelines, so cannot provide 100% acceptance loans without going through the necessary checks first to ensure you can afford the loan.

It is not a requirement to have a guarantor to apply for a loan through us, however, we can help you find guarantor loans if you need one. With most of our loan products, you can apply as a sole applicant. Our panel of lenders can help those with bad credit find the loan they want if they can demonstrate they can afford the repayments. We are always happy to connect customers with lenders of high acceptance loans if they can meet the requirements and have the affordability.

The lenders we can connect you with can lend up to £15,000 depending on the type of loan you apply for. Some may cap this at £5,000 depending on your current financial circumstances and whether it’s an instalment loan or short term loan you are applying for. Also, the length of repayments you want may not be suitable for certain amounts. For example, if you want to borrow a smaller amount such as a £200 loan, spreading this up to 36 months may not be possible. When you fill in your application form, we’ll match you to a lender who is a close match for what you are looking for.

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