Emergency Loans

Applying for emergency loans with LoanBird is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Here’s how:

Representative APR: 49.9% | Representative Example: Loan Amount: £1,000 over 12 months at £107.53 per month. Total Repayment: £1,290.36 | Interest: £290.36. Interest rate: 49.9% p.a. Fixed*.

Quick and Easy Emergency Loans Online

  • Step 1 - Application

    Fill out our online application form to apply for an emergency loan. Let us know how much you need, and how long for, along with some simple details about you.

  • Step Two - Decision

    Once you’ve submitted your information, you’ll receive a near-instant decision. We’ll provide you with a list of emergency loans for bad credit – simply choose the best deal.

  • Step Three - Cash

    Once you have accepted the loan and signed your agreement, the money will be sent directly to your bank. Many customers receive their emergency cash loans within 10 minutes.

Get Emergency Loans in the UK

When you’re looking for emergency loans, time is of the essence. You don’t have the liberty of spending hours online looking up different lenders and comparing the deals they can offer you. Quite often, when people are in a rush to find emergency loans for bad credit, they end up accepting an agreement that doesn’t suit their needs, and pay well over the odds.

Here’s where LoanBird comes in: as an FCA authorised broker of emergency cash loans, we help people all over the UK find the best options from direct lenders – over 30 of the most trusted, FCA authorised lenders in the UK, to be precise. With one simple application form, we’ll match you with the best emergency payday loans for your specific circumstances, helping you get the best rates, the best chance of being approved and from a great lender. All of this, and your application doesn’t affect your credit score – and it’s completely FREE to use.

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Other benefits of applying online with LoanBird include:

Apply online 24/7 from anywhere

Be matched with suitable lenders for the types of loan you need

Get a near-instant decision

No hard credit check left on your file

Compare loans from direct lenders easily

Cash in your bank account in as little as 10 minutes

Safety and security of FCA authorised companies

No collateral needed to get your emergency loan

To find the right solution for you with no stress and no fuss, submit a quick and easy application with LoanBird, and you could have the funds you need today.

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Finding Emergency Loans for Bad Credit

Whether your boiler has broken down and needs replacing, your car is in the garage for urgent repairs or you have any other unavoidable expenses that can’t wait until payday, emergency cash loans can help you get the funds you need quickly. Here at LoanBird, we work with over 30 of the UK’s best FCA authorised lenders to offer loans you can trust. Whether you need a payday loan or a personal loan, we can help you find the best match for your current financial situation.

You don’t need to spend hours researching or going from lender to lender – just fill out one simple application form telling us how much you need, how long for and a few details about your current finances. We’ll come back to you straight away with lenders who will be most likely to accept your application.

While we can’t guarantee that every application will be successful, we’re able to help 8 out of 10 applicants find their perfect emergency loan in the UK. It’s important that the information you provide us is accurate, as any mistakes could slow down your application, or it could lead to you being turned down after the lender performs their credit checks.

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Find Emergency Payday Loans with a Soft Credit Check

When you apply for emergency loans in the UK with LoanBird, you don’t have to worry about your credit history being affected – your application with us won’t leave a trace on your credit report.

Direct applications for an emergency loan from a direct lender will result in a ‘hard search’ credit check being carried out. This will stay on your credit report for at least two years, and will be visible in future credit checks. Having multiple hard searches on your file can make it more difficult to be approved for credit in the future.

As an FCA authorised broker, we’re able to match you with emergency payday loans from a wide range of lenders with just a ‘soft search’ credit check – similar to when you check your own credit score. This doesn’t stay on record, and future lenders will never know it was carried out. This is great when you’re looking for emergency loans for bad credit – it allows you to shop around for the best loan deals without worrying about your credit score. We can also pre-approve you for the loans we recommend, so you can proceed with your application with confidence.

Are You Eligible for Emergency Cash Loans?

In order to make our emergency payday loans fairly accessible, we keep our eligibility criteria straightforward. You’re welcome to apply if you:

• Are at least 18 years of age

• Are a resident in the UK

• Hold a UK bank account with a valid debit card

• Receive a regular income

Your income can be from full or part-time employment, self-employment, benefits or a pension. When you apply for emergency loans in the UK, we’ll need to see proof of your identity from a valid driving license or passport.

We work with lenders who are willing to look beyond your credit score. This is fantastic if you’re looking for emergency loans for bad credit in the UK – we base your suitability for our loans on your ability to afford the repayments, rather than the number on your credit report. We’ll need to see your last few months’ worth of bank statements so we can assess your regular income and outgoings, and to determine whether you can afford the repayments on the emergency cash loans you’ve applied for. We’ll also make sure you have plenty of money left for your living expenses, of course.

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Apply for Emergency Loans for Bad Credit in the UK Today

So, if you need emergency cash loans and want to make the process as stress free as possible, you’re in the right place. Here at LoanBird, our job is to match you up with the most suitable loans for you, from our panel of trusted, FCA authorised lenders. Applying for all the best emergency loans in the UK takes just a few minutes, you’ll receive a near-instant decision and be matched with the best emergency cash loans for your needs. What’s more, our service has no impact on your credit score and doesn’t cost a penny!

If you have any questions about our emergency cash loans, contact LoanBird and we’ll be happy to help you. Once you’re ready, apply today.


Emergency Loans FAQs

Am I Eligible for Emergency Loans If I Have a Poor Credit Rating?

We can help customers with varying financial backgrounds find an emergency loan that is ideal for them. Whether you have an excellent credit score or a low one, our panel of lenders can offer terms based on your circumstances to help you resolve an emergency quickly. From payday advance loans to longer term installment loans, we have plenty of options to help. Your application will determine how much you want to borrow and how long for, we’ll then instantly show you lender offers of emergency loans in the UK you are pre-approved for, so you can apply successfully for the funds you need in a hurry.

What Happens if I Miss Repayments on an Emergency Loan?

If you do miss repayments on your loan, you will need to ensure you speak to the lender as soon as possible. They will be able to discuss with you a suitable timeframe to repay any arrears. If repayments are missed, you may be liable to pay late repayment fees which will be detailed in your credit agreement. If repayments are continued to be missed, the risk is of your loan defaulting, so you should discuss your situation at the earliest opportunity with the lender directly. If your circumstances have changed, you can seek independent advice from The Money Advice Service and Citizens Advice to help.

What APR is Charged on Emergency Loans in the UK?

The APR starts from 49.9% from our lenders, so depending on your circumstances, you could discover an affordable loan option to help. Our smart search allows you to easily compare lender offers for emergency loans in one place. You will be able to compare and review the different APR rates and make the right choice for you. Please note, APR can vary between lenders with some loan products having a higher APR than others. We recommend carefully checking the terms of the emergency loan you want to apply for before proceeding to ensure you are happy with the terms offered.



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