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Applying for same day loans with LoanBird is as easy as 1 2 3! Here’s how to do it:

Representative APR: 49.9% | Representative Example: Loan Amount: £1,000 over 12 months at £107.53 per month. Total Repayment: £1,290.36 | Interest: £290.36. Interest rate: 49.9% p.a. Fixed*.

  • Step One - Apply

    Applying for same day loans in just a few minutes. Select the loan amount you need, as well as how long you need to repay it.

  • Step Two - Decision

    Submit your information and we’ll show you your options for same day loans from direct lenders. Just choose the best deal!

  • Step Three - Cash

    Here’s the best bit: once you’ve signed your loan agreement, the same day cash loans can arrive in your bank in just 10 minutes!

A Concise Guide On Same day loans

Same Day Loans for Bad Credit

Same day loans can be a necessity in certain situations. If your car is stuck in the garage for emergency repairs and you need to pay the bill so you can get your wheels back, or if you’re in a cold house and need emergency boiler repairs, getting the money to sort the problem out immediately is key. There are so many lenders offering same day payday loans out there, but your choices can be limited if you’re looking for same day loans for bad credit.

As with most things in life, shopping around will always get you the best deal. When you’re looking for same day loans and time is of the essence, this might not feel possible. If you’re in this situation, the best way to get the money you need today – without damaging your credit rating further – is to apply for same day loans with no credit checks through a broker. Most brokers will charge you a premium fee for their service, but here at LoanBird we operate differently. We’re an FCA authorised broker with a panel of over 30 of the best companies offering same day loans in the UK. Most importantly, our services are completely FREE to use.

When you use our fast and easy application tool to find same day loans for bad credit, we can provide you with pre-approval for the loans we show you. You only need to fill out one form, which saves you hours of time going from lender to lender, and ensures you’ve still explored every option available to get same day loans in the UK. This allows you to proceed confidently with your sped-up application, and get the money you need in your bank account on the same day – usually within an hour or so!

To apply for same day loans for bad credit and receive a near-instant decision for free, click Apply!

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Same Day Loans with No Credit Checks

Did you know that applying for multiple same day loans in the UK in the space of a few months can damage your credit rating? When you apply for same day loans from direct lenders, they will immediately run a ‘hard search’ credit check on your file, and a note of this will stay on your file for at least 12 months. Too many of these will make it more difficult to be approved for credit in the future – whether that’s a same day payday loan, a credit card or a mortgage.

That’s why many people search for same day loans with no credit checks – although you should be wary of direct lenders offering these, as it could be a sign that they aren’t legitimate. Direct lenders offering same day loans in the UK are required to perform full credit checks. As a free-to-use broker, we can run a soft search which leaves no trace on your credit file. It also means you’ll have pre-approval for all same day loans for bad credit we show you. While we can’t guarantee that every customer will be successful, we are able to help 8 out of 10 applicants find the perfect loan for them.

It’s very important that the information you provide in your application is all correct. If not, it could slow down your application for same day loans for bad credit, or could lead to you being turned down by your chosen lender.

Same Day Payday Loans and More

The main benefits of using LoanBird to find same day loans from direct lenders is that it saves you time, money, hassle and protects your credit rating. We’re also able to offer a wide variety of loan types to suit your every need. Whether you need a same day payday loan, are interested in a guarantor loan or would benefit from a personal loan, we can help. What’s more, you don’t need to spend time learning about the different types of same day cash loans available – you simply submit one application telling us how much you need to borrow, and how long for, and we’ll match you up with the best same day loans in the UK for your needs!

If you’re specifically looking for same day loans for bad credit, it’s the same easy process. We offer a great range of same day payday loans that are suitable for those with a less than perfect credit rating, and will only match you with the loans that you’re most likely to be approved for.

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Are You Eligible for Same Day Loans in the UK?

We’re able to offer same day loans for bad credit because the great majority of the lenders we work with are fair and understanding. These days, maintaining your credit score is a difficult task. It drops drastically from a single late payment to your credit card, and it can take a really long time to rebuild. We don’t want to prevent you from getting the same day cash loans you need in the meantime, and so we and our lenders are happy to look beyond the number on your credit report.

We try to make same day loans in the UK accessible in a fair way to as many people as possible. With this in mind, our eligibility criteria are straightforward:

• At least 18 years of age

• A resident in the UK

• Hold a UK bank account with a valid debit card

• Receive a regular income

If you meet these four requirements, you’re welcome to apply for same day payday loans with LoanBird. Your income can be from full or part time employment, self-employment, benefits or a pension. You will need to provide proof of your identity, as well as the last three months’ worth of bank statements.

This is so that we can assess your application based on your ‘affordability’, which simply means whether you can comfortably afford the repayments, based on your current income and regular outgoings like direct debits. We’ll always make sure that you have extra money left for your living expenses too. This is how we’re able to offer same day loans for bad credit safely – we would never want our customers to fall into financial difficulty because of a same day cash loan they’ve found through us.

Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Today

So, if you want a quick and easy way to find same day loans in the UK, our free broker services are ideal for you. We help you find same day cash loans successfully, and without risking your credit score. Simply fill in one form and we’ll show you the best deals on same day loans in the UK. All you need to do is choose the best one! If you have any questions about our same day loans for bad credit, contact LoanBird today and we’ll be happy to help.

Apply now to find the best same day loans from direct lenders you can trust.

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Benefits of Taking Out Same day loans:

1. Instantaneous Cash

With same day loans, you can get cash in your account almost instantaneously, which can be a huge relief in case of an emergency. In specific emergencies, you need money almost immediately. For example, you’d rather go private for something medical which is not covered by insurance. Or if someone has unfortunately got themselves into an accident before their insurance could be renewed. The whole point of a same day loan is to give you the money you need on the day you need.

You no longer have to go through lengthy loan applications, filling out numerous forms before getting your loan approved. Many same day loan service providers have custom-built loan applications online that you can go through quickly. You can fill out the form all from the comfort of your home, when you’re short on time convenience is key! 

2. No-Nonsense Instructions

The process is relatively quick and efficient, and to add to that an easy to follow instructions guide. A same day loan application online is typically relaxed. We also have plenty of news and instruction guides that can help users make smart decisions.

The loan industry is now regulated better, previously a lot of lenders got away with charging much higher interest rates for loans. Nowadays, there are stricter requirements for lenders to be able to offer loans in the first place. 

Same day loans and the process of them is legally required to be transparent for the customer. You will be fully aware of what you’re getting into before signing or agreeing to any terms and conditions. Another requirement is that your details also need to be secure on all of these platforms you use. 

3. They Can Save You from Unwanted Conversations

I get it, asking for loans from your friends and family can be a little awkward and difficult. For some people even talking to your bank manager can be an uncomfortable conversation. Many people feel more comfortable applying for a loan online because then they don’t have to physically be present in front of anyone to discuss their financial situation.

For some people, asking for loans from friends and family is a last resort and can be a conversation that might not end up in giving you the desired results. Applying for a same day loan online means you can apply behind a laptop or mobile phone. Thus, meaning no sense of awkwardness with your friends and family.

4. They Are Convenient

The majority of borrowers of payday loans or same day loans use online services. The reason same day loans are so convenient is because you can apply whenever you want! You could apply on your bus commute, even if this is out of office hours. You can quickly look online and browse through multiple loan service providers to see the most feasible options.

These loans also add another level of convenience; you do not have to wait around and schedule a meeting with anyone to apply for one. You don’t even need to make a single call to anyone. The process is that simple, quick and easy! 

You will receive the loan in cash rather than in credit form. This can help you make payments in significant places, e.g. a car garage that might only accept cash. Cash is king as they say, which can be incredibly useful in emergencies. 

 5. Great Approval Rates

Many who apply for a loan online gets a same day approval. Conventional lending systems and traditional lenders take days and weeks to get your loan request processed and in action. Conventional lenders also have rigid guidelines in place, which makes it difficult for certain loans to get approved. For people pressed for time, traditional lending is often not the most desirable route.

Offering a same day loans service carries a high approval percentage rate. It’s essential that you’ve filled out the application form correctly and have also provided the lender with all relevant and appropriate details. Same day loans are typically small amounts, so this quick ‘yes’ or ‘no’ process is decided on face value. So, make sure it’s all as it should be.

All you need to show is that you have adequate earnings to be able to cover the loan or that you also have a stable job.  

6. Customisable Packages

Unlike other forms of loans, you can easily customise your loan package and figure out a loan amount that works best for you. Lenders may approve your specific requested amount or give you a limit. And since most of these loans will be deposited in your bank account in the form of cash, it’s easier for you to be able to spend the money on whatever you want and whenever you want.

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Are There Different Types of Same day loans?

Same day loans and payday loans are substantially similar and revolve around similar customer wants and needs. There are variations based on the amount of finance you are applying for and the tenure of the loan. The interest rate on a loan that has a tenure of three months will naturally be different for a loan that has a much longer tenure.

Lenders often see short term loans as a big opportunity because of their fast turnaround in returned profit. Many direct lenders also capitalize on short-term loans for people with bad credit or people with a willing guarantor.

Other types of loans you could obtain on the same day could be:

Does My Credit Score Matter?

Your credit score will matter and it all depends on the lenders you deal with. However, many lenders may not place a lot of importance on your credit score if the loan is for a short tenure period. In fact, many people end up taking short term loans in an attempt to improve their credit score.

Loan lenders will initially perform a soft search on your profile, and if your loan is approved, then they will carry out a hard search. Lenders have to conduct hard requests on all loan applications; therefore, it is advised to not apply in too many places at once as it might end up bringing down your credit score a fair bit.

Often lenders focus on your current financial situation, rather than your credit score. This is good news for people with a bad credit score as it at least gives you an option.

Are Same Day Loans the Right Option for Me?

Same day loans are often needed when you’re in a rush and just don’t have the time. However, they may not be the best option out there for you, and you should always read the terms and conditions carefully before signing into any loan.  

There are a lot of other loaning options that you can explore and browse through, you can then make an informed decision that is in consideration with your circumstances. Most same day loan offers are no-obligation offers; therefore, you need to realise that you are under no legal obligation to take up that offer. You can quite clearly decline the offer and walk away if you don’t find the deal to be appropriate.  

For most places, there are a set number of days after you’ve signed a loan agreement where you can request to opt out of your loan application. This is normally 14 days, known as a cooling off period. 

Are Online Lending Systems Secure?

Absolutely! Technology has helped us come a long way and online lending systems like payday loans, bad credit loans and same day loans are as secure as they can get. Make sure you use a verified loan lending service (like us) upon getting your request processed securely. All you need to do is check there’s a padlock sign next to the website’s address you’re using.

Many online lending sites use top of the line security systems to gain their customer’s trust, and you can easily find out what security systems your lender is using by browsing through their site. Most corporations don’t transfer your data over a public network which adds in an increased layer of security.  

There are also multiple verification checks along the way to ensure that nobody poses as you to apply for a loan.  

How Do Lenders Take Repayments with Same Day Loans?

Most firms will only allow you to authorise them to withdraw the agreed amount directly from your account on the due dates. The repayment schedule will always be outlined and explained in detail in the loan agreement, and different places will have different repayment schedules. In some cases, companies will even require you to make manual repayments, e.g. if your direct debit has bounced.  

You can also negotiate and fix a repayment method that works for you. An installment-based repayment system will help you be able to repay the loan in chunks that are feasible and achievable for you.  

Loan Repayment Example

an infographic displaying how loan repayments work

Finding it Difficult Repaying Your Loan?

The sooner you get in touch with your lender the better. You might be surprised what they can do for you, e.g. lengthen your repayment term or offer support.

Late Repayment Fees

Some lenders used to charge high fees for late repayments, the FCA have now enforced new regulations on this. So, if you do fall late or behind with a payment the lender can only charge a max of £15.00.

Don’t Panic and Make Rash Decisions

The most crucial step in deciding to get a loan is not to panic or follow any emotional decisions. While in emergencies, it may be tempting to sign the first loan offer you get, it is also essential for you to conduct your own due diligence as well to ensure that you are not being scammed.  

You need to make sure that you are taking a loan from a licensed and trusted service provider. If anything about the process seems suspicious or fishy, you should not go ahead with the loan agreement. Try your best not to feel pressurised and search for reviews online so that you can make an informed decision.

Access our same day loans via one application, if you:

are 18 or older

The minimun age to use our service is 18.

live in the UK

Must be a current resident of the United Kingdom.

have a Bank Account

You need an active UK bank account to allow the money to be transferred to you.


Only take out a loan if you can afford to meet the monthly payments.


You must have a monthly income to show you can afford repayments.


Online loans are one of the most efficient ways of borrowing.

Same Day Loans FAQs

What APR Can I Expect on a Same Day Loan?

Our lenders can offer same day loans starting from 49.9% APR and once you have completed an application form, you can compare each lender offer to choose the terms you want to continue with. You could find a really good deal on same day loans in the UK through us as we make it convenient to compare offers in one place. Some lender offers will vary with the APR offered as this will be influenced by the type of loan and how much you want to borrow, for example. You may find some loan options will have a higher APR than others, so we recommend taking your time to compare your offers before proceeding.

Are There Any Hidden Fees with Same Day Loans in the UK?

There are no hidden fees when using our service, with it completely FREE to search for same day loan offers. As we work alongside FCA approved lenders, the details of the loan you want are transparent so that you can make a financially savvy decision. We do not charge any brokerage fees for you to use our service, and any commission we receive for introducing you to a lender is not part of your loan or charged to you. We know that some online lenders may charge you hidden fees by not disclosing all the details about the loan you’re applying for, but here at LoanBird, as we are FCA authorised credit brokers, we’ll ensure you can see all the details about the same day loans available.

Do I Need a Good Credit Score for a Same Day Loan?

You are not required to have a good or excellent credit rating to use our FREE online search. Our eligibility requirements ensure we can help many people find a loan option for them, so if you are someone with a low credit score, you may still find the loan you’re looking for. Whilst it’s recommended to manage your finances to have as good a credit score as possible, if you do have the affordability to make repayments and have struggled to find lenders willing to help online, our smart search is available whenever you need it to help.

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