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Rates from 12.9% APR to 1625.5% APR. The Minimum Loan Term is 1 month. Maximum Loan Term is 36 months. Representative Example: £1,000 borrowed for 18 months. Total amount repayable is: £1564.59. Interest amounts to £564.59, annual interest rate of 59.97%. Representative APR: 79.5% (variable).

WARNING: Late repayment can cause serious money problems. For help, visit moneyhelper. LoanBird are a licenced credit broker, not a lender. LoanBird does not make credit decisions.

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Short-term loans are designed to help manage unforeseen expenses, such as covering emergency costs or addressing temporary cash shortages when you get an unexpected bill. By choosing to get a short-term loan through LoanBird, you can benefit from a simple application process, competitive interest rates, and customisable repayment plans of 1 to 36 months. Apply on this page to get offers from our panel of lenders who are happy to lend to those with high or low credit scores.

LoanBird’s Short Term Loans Service

LoanBird is your hassle-free solution for finding the best deals on short term loans with no credit checks. As a fully licensed broker in the UK, we work with over 30 top direct lenders to provide you with the most competitive rates. Plus, our service is completely free!

Short term loans are a popular type of loan for quickly borrowing cash that you can repay within a brief period. Short term loans from a UK direct lender will typically be up to £5,000 with repayment terms ranging from 1 month to 36 months, although the loan amount and terms may vary by lender and eligibility. These loans are perfect if you need a quick 1-month loan from a direct lender to tide you over until your next payday.

Our lenders’ short term loans are unsecured, which means you don’t need collateral or a guarantor to secure them. However, you may face a higher interest rate, but it’s still possible to get approved.

Our website allows you to quickly and easily compare multiple lenders and find the best options for your circumstances. We offer a wide variety of options and can help those who may struggle to get approved elsewhere.

Save time and money by using LoanBird to match you with the top short term loan providers in the UK. Apply Now and let us help you get the funds you need!

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UK Short Term Loans for Bad Credit: Price Caps

Short term payday loans in the UK are subject to price caps set by the FCA. Our FCA-approved lenders ensure that you never pay more than:

8% of the remaining balance per day.

100% of the original loan amount in interest.

£15 in default fees, whether you miss one repayment or more.

These loans offer flexibility, allowing you to customize the loan term to suit your budget, making them more manageable than payday loans. Although they may have less interest attached, longer repayment terms lead to higher overall interest charges. Early repayment can save you money, but check with your lender for any fees before agreeing to a loan.

Easy approval short term loans from a direct lender are intended to help with sudden and necessary expenses or cash flow issues, such as unexpected home or car repairs. They should not be used for non-essential expenses like holidays, but they make a perfect option for a 1-month loan from a direct lender. If you don’t think you can pay off the loan within a year, a personal loan with a five-year repayment period might be a better option for you.

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Short Term Loans With No Credit Check

When you apply for easy approval short term loans from a UK direct lender, lenders and brokers will often run a hard search credit check, which stays on your credit report for two years. This can negatively impact your credit score if you have a low credit rating and are turned down by multiple lenders.

At LoanBird, we only perform a single soft search to match you with the best short term loans in the UK for your circumstances, which doesn’t affect your credit report. However, it’s important to note that your chosen lender will still need to run a ‘hard search’ credit check before fully approving your loan. Beware of any lender who claims to offer short term loans with no credit check, as this is against FCA guidelines and could be fraudulent.

Can You Get Short Term Loans for Bad Credit?

We understand that many people may have a poor credit history due to past financial difficulties. That’s why we work with a wide range of lenders who specialize in providing short term loans to individuals with bad credit. To be eligible for short term loans from UK direct lenders, you simply need to meet our basic criteria:

Be at least 18 years old.

Be a resident of the UK.

Hold a valid UK bank account in your name.

Have a monthly income (from full or part-time employment, self-employment, or other sources).

When you apply for a direct lender short term loan through LoanBird, you’ll be asked to provide proof of your identity, as well as your phone number and email address. Your contact information will only be used by the lender you select to process your loan application.

We’ll also ask about your employment status and monthly income to ensure that you can afford the repayments on your best short term loan option. Our goal is to recommend a UK short loan that will help you meet your financial needs without causing further difficulties.

what do short term loans UK have to offer

The Benefits of Short Term Loans at LoanBird

At LoanBird, we want you to feel confident in your choice to let us help you find the best short term loan. We have fantastic reviews from people who have previously used our services, because we do our very best to make every single applicant happy.

Quick and Easy Application

Applying with LoanBird is easy. Simply use our application form to provide us with some details about what you’d like to borrow and your current finances. You’ll receive an instant decision and could have the money on the same day!

Better Rates

Using our panel of lenders, we shop around so you don’t have to. We check multiple lenders to find the best rates for your circumstances.

Higher Chances of Approval

Instead of applying to each lender directly, an application with LoanBird gives you access to the vast majority of lenders all at once. Not only does this help you to save an incredible amount of time when you’re looking for the best deal, but it can also give you the highest chances of being approved for a short term loan.

Borrow with Confidence

LoanBird is a licensed broker for short term loans in the UK, and our panel of lenders are all FCA approved, responsible lenders. This means you are fully protected as a borrower and can have confidence in your decision to move forward with your application for short term loans. It also means you will benefit from the FCA caps on interest rates and default fees.

No Broker Fees

We do not charge you anything at all for using our fantastic services; they’re completely free to use! We will never ask you for money at any point in your application process or afterwards. We do take a small commission from the short term loans direct lenders, but this should not affect the cost of your loan.

 Easy Repayments

Although the repayments may vary slightly between lenders, usually you will be able to set up a direct debit or Continuous Payment Authority to repay short term payday loans. This is great because it means you can’t default on the loan simply because you’ve forgotten to make a payment that month. What’s more, the installments will be fixed each month, so it’s easy for you to plan your budget around them.

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Apply for the Best Short Term Loans Online Today

Discover great deals on short term loans without a credit check affecting your file using LoanBird’s fast and straightforward loan search tool today. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with your choice, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.

Ready to apply for the best short term loans in the UK? It’s easy! Just submit your free application with LoanBird and get started.

Minimum Loan Term is 1 month. Maximum Loan Term is 36 months. Representative Example: £1,000 borrowed for 18 months. Total amount repayable is: £1564.59. Interest amounts to £564.59, annual interest rate of 59.97%. Representative APR: 79.5% (variable).

It won’t affect your credit score

Short Term Loan FAQs

Short term loans in the UK come with several protective measures for applicants and customers, including price caps set by the FCA. This ensures that the costs of broker and direct short term loans don’t spiral out of control, even if you’re unable to keep up with the repayments set in your loan term.

Although short term loans from a direct lender are not the cheapest form of borrowing available, they are one of the most regulated loan options in the market. You can check the FCA register to ensure that you’re dealing with an authorised broker or lender. LoanBird is registered under our company name RJ Assist LTD, and our reference number is 788094.

Direct lenders for short term loans are required to run a ‘hard search’ credit check when you apply, which can impact your credit report. Lenders that offer short term loans with no credit check are operating outside of the authorization of the FCA and should not be used, as there is a risk of fraud and no protection from FCA price caps.

As a broker, LoanBird carries out ‘soft search’ credit checks, which do not affect your credit score or leave a record on file. Our service matches you with the best direct lenders of short term loans who will carry out a credit check, but if your application information is accurate, there should not be any issues at this stage.

LoanBird is not a short term loans direct lender. Instead, we help you find the best match among our panel of fully authorized and regulated lenders who are able to offer direct short term loans. We do not make any decisions when it comes to lending, and each lender is responsible for making their own judgments when it comes to approving applications.

LoanBird has a track record of happy customers because we pride ourselves on quickly matching our applicants with the best short term loans in the UK to fit their specific needs. Our fast and free service is not only convenient, but also provides fully tailored loans to anyone who uses it. We thoroughly search a majority of the best short term loans from a direct lender for bad credit to ensure that our applicants find a loan that suits their requirements.

When you apply for short term loans for bad credit through LoanBird, your credit score doesn’t affect your application. Our straightforward application process is the same for everyone. Simply fill out our easy application form with your best short term loan amount, repayment period, and some personal details, and we’ll do the rest of the work for you.

It’s important to protect yourself and your money by avoiding scams when taking out short term payday loans. LoanBird will never pressure you into taking out a loan, and we only work with fully authorized and regulated lenders. To ensure your safety, check that you are on a secure site by looking for a padlock symbol in the address bar of your browser. Be wary of any company that asks for fees or money upfront, as neither LoanBird nor any of the short term loans direct lenders we work with will ever ask for money upfront.

Typically, the short term loans offered through LoanBird come with fixed interest rates. This means that the repayment rates will remain the same throughout the loan term, making it easier for you to budget. However, we recommend that you check the interest rates, repayment dates, and amounts with your chosen lender before signing your best short term loan agreement.

The repayment terms for your direct lender short term loan will depend on the information you provide during your application. Most UK lenders of short term loans will align your repayment dates with your regular pay date and use a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) to collect repayments. However, some lenders may allow you to make repayments directly. We suggest that you confirm the repayment method with your lender before accepting the loan.

Yes. You have a 2-week loan cooling-off period for all types of credit, including short term loans for bad credit in the UK, from the date you sign your loan agreement. During this 2-week loan period, you can cancel your loan and repay the amount borrowed along with any interest that has accrued up to the cancellation date. If your financial circumstances change, you can always seek independent financial advice from organizations such as Citizens Advice or Money Helper, and speak with your lender directly.

Short Term Loan Related Information:

Minimum Loan Term is 1 month. Maximum Loan Term is 36 months. Representative Example: £1,000 borrowed for 18 months. Total amount repayable is: £1564.59. Interest amounts to £564.59, annual interest rate of 59.97%. Representative APR: 79.5% (variable).

It won’t affect your credit score

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