No Credit Check Loans

Keep an eye out for certain companies promoting a no credit check loans service in the UK, a no credit check loan is somewhat of a myth. Those that advise they can guarantee you a loan without a credit check are worth avoiding. 

The way LoanBird operates is by performing a quick ‘soft search’ to place you in touch with a suitable lender. There is no need for us to undertake a hard credit search as a broker. 

To clarify, please rest assured that by using our service it will NOT affect your credit score. The idea here is to introduce your application to all of our lenders so you have the best possible chance of being accepted. We explain more below of what a no credit check loan actually entails. 

Representative APR: 279.5% | Representative Example: Loan Amount: £300 | Borrowed for 60 days | Total Repayment: £420.82 in 2 monthly installments of £210.41 | Interest Charged: £120.82, interest rate 120.8% pa (Variable).
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someone using a mobile to search what a no credit check loan is with LoanBird

What Is a No Credit Check Loan? 

A no credit check loan is a loan option which doesn’t impact your credit score. Loans offered through no checks will still run a minimal background check on your records, but it is non-invasive. This means that many people with poor or bad credit will be able to borrow the money they need or want without having to sign up to any stringent checks! 

No credit check loans generally apply to short term borrowing programs. This means that while a loan might not need a credit check, you may be expected to pay a slightly higher rate of interest than normal. This may vary from provider to provider. It is always worth checking the APR on no credit check loans before you sign anything. 

No credit check loans will often help people who need to repair their scores long-term. However, again, all borrowers will have different ways of operating. 

What exactly is a credit check?  

A credit check is a background search which money lenders carry out to find out more about your financial history. This means that, for example, a loan provider may request to find out if you have any outstanding arrears or county court judgments (CCJs). It will also mean that they look into your repayment history with other lenders. 

A credit check will normally dictate how much money you can potentially borrow. In the case of taking out credit cards, for example, it may impact how large your credit limit is. For bank loans, it may even impact your repayment rate. 

Crucially, a credit check gives money lenders confidence. When they can see that you are a responsible borrower, and that you are likely to pay them money back on time, in full, they will be more likely to give you preferential rates. However, some people with poor credit ratings may face refusals. 

is it a soft search or a loan with no credit check

What’s a soft credit check?  

Credit checks can split into one of two types. A soft credit check doesn’t impact on your score and credit report, and only takes into account a minimum of information. Soft checks, effectively, are rather like a pre-approval. It may also include you checking your own credit score or status, which you can do through various credit scoring companies such as Experian. 

However, soft credit checks only really apply to short term loans, or if you are signing up with a deal comparison service, for example. These checks only take a cursory glance at your financial history. If you don’t have any major, glaring concerns on your credit file, it is unlikely that a soft check will cause you any need for worry. 

What’s more, a soft check will allow you to apply for some loans and credit without it affecting your score. Hard checks can impact your history and show on your sheet. 

What is a hard credit check?   

A hard credit check, as you may imagine, is the opposite of a soft credit check. Hard checks will go deeper into your credit history. As regards to loans, they mainly involve taking a close look at your precise financial transactions with lenders over the years. A hard check will allow lenders to see if you have made defaults on loans or credit cards, for example. 

Hard checks can take a little longer than soft checks in some cases. That is because it can take time for information to pool together. One of the most important things to remember about hard checks is that they can record on your credit file. This means that it will show to future lenders that you have, at least, made an inquiry. 

If you are refused any kind of credit on the back of a hard check, your lender will leave a similar mark on your credit file. 

two people practicing safe borrowing with an FCA approved no credit check lender

Are no credit check loans safe to use? 

No credit check loans are safe to use, however, they can operate a little differently to standard borrowing. Payday loans and no credit check loans will, on the whole, demand a little more interest from you to pay back. That is because you are borrowing money for a short period. Banks and lenders will always look to make money from lending, and this means the borrower must always agree to the APR and terms set. 

Many people use no credit check loans to borrow money from month to month. Loans which fall under this category include short term loans or payday loans. This type of credit is designed to normally see you through a short period before you can pay it back in a few weeks time. These lenders will generally carry out soft credit checks to make sure you have no glaring history that will take away their confidence from your request.

Another point to remember, is to make sure you’re dealing with an FCA approved credit broker or lender. There are a lot of fake loan companies running scams, so do some research first. One that we’re aware of is companies posing as a lender and pressuring people to pay a deposit to secure the loan.

Is a no credit check loan even legal? 

Yes. However, this can get a little confusing. UK law states that all money lenders must run credit checks before agreeing to loaning money. However, they are able to run soft credit checks if they are lending money on a short term or payday basis. 

However, this process only becomes illegal when lenders offer money without any kind of regulation. All UK lenders offering money require this. For example, payday lenders will need to register with the Financial Conduct Authority. This ensures that the credit agreements you are entering into are fully authorised and legal. 

Therefore, you should never enter into any credit or loan agreement unless you are certain that your lender has full regulation. Otherwise, you may be entering into a deal where your legal rights are not protected. Always ask for FCA and other regulatory information before you sign any agreement paperwork or contracts. 

a well dressed man seeing if he can get accepted for a loan without a credit check

Can I get accepted for a loan without a credit check? 

Yes – but, as always, there are many elements to a loan application. It is entirely possible to qualify for certain types of loans without hard checks, which means that you won’t have to wait for a lender to dig deep into your financial history. Short term and payday loans, on the whole, use the soft check approach. Meaning, they will look for minimal details and run a small check on your background to ensure you are likely to pay the money back that you borrow from them. 

You are likely to get accepted for a loan without a credit check if you have no major defaults, county court judgements (CCJs) or outstanding arrears. However, please keep in mind that these terms may vary from lender to lender, too. Make sure to double check the lending and borrowing criteria of all loans you apply for before you sign on the dotted line. 

How many direct lenders deal with no credit check loans? 

There are many direct lenders who will be happy to let you borrow money without a hard credit check. In fact, it is probably difficult to give you any kind of exact figure! However, as no credit check loans are still fairly common across UK lending on the whole, you may find it surprising just how many bodies are willing to support you on this basis. 

Therefore, it is still worth looking out for no credit check lending if you are worrying that you won’t be able to pass a full check. You will be able to look for direct lenders offering simple routes through to poor and bad credit borrowing online, or you can ask for help from a financial advisor. In any case, there are more and more lenders opening up to no credit check services. Meaning, it’s well worth keeping an open mind while studying all options. Also, it might be a good option if you know that you can’t get access to credit elsewhere. 

a simple infographic of how a no credit check loan works with LoanBird

Should I apply with a lender offering a no credit check loan? 

Most lenders offering no credit check loans will only look into the very slightest of details before you officially apply. Meaning you can find out if you’re likely to get a loan or not first. So, yes – there are some great reasons why you should apply with them. Furthermore, we advise that you do your own checks on the company you’re dealing with before you proceed. 

With honest and regulated firms, you’ll be able to find support where they’re willing to stretch their confidence in you based on affordability. With that being said, this is providing you have no major financial concerns or discrepancies on file. 

It’s worth holding out for these types of loans simply because these routes are available if you need them. If you know that you have poor credit and may struggle to qualify for a leading loan through your bank or credit card issuer, it is a good idea to search around short term lenders or brokers who can support you without the need for deeper checks. 

However, as always, make sure to check those terms and conditions. APR will generally be higher with no credit check loans than standard borrowing. You might pay more interest the longer you borrow with these services. 

What will a UK lender look for when doing a credit check?  

A UK lender will look for a variety of information when they first run a credit check on you. The aim of a check is to make sure that they gain confidence in your ability to repay the money you borrow from them. They will look for factors in your financial history such as previous loans and repayments, credit cards and more. 

Therefore, people who may have defaulted on loans and repayments a lot in the past may struggle to get a loan from a standard provider. A credit check will take into account years of financial activity. This means that you should be careful applying with lenders if you, for example, have any outstanding arrears, or marks on your file which are unlikely to appear positive in the eyes of new sources of money. 

Credit checks will take into account phone bills, energy bills, loans and more. Be careful! 

a man and woman discussing why credit checks are important

Why are credit checks so important?  

Credit checks are important on both sides of the scale. That’s because a credit score will not only tell lenders how reliable you are when it comes to paying back money, but it will also give you an opportunity to prove your ability to repay. Proving your worth to lenders has previously been fairly difficult. However, smart credit scoring is evolving to ensure lenders are more confident in their customers and clients. 

Credit checks are important because it means that people can continue to borrow money without major restrictions. If there was no credit scoring in place, anyone could borrow funds and not repay it – the industry would collapse! Therefore, credit files and scoring systems are essential to building confidence between borrowers and lenders alike. 

You shouldn’t ever be scared of your credit score. It’s essentially a major asset which enables you to get the money that you need or want! 

What is a credit rating? 

A credit rating is a physical score showing you how likely it is that you’ll be approved for specific loans and credit cards. It applies to everything from insurance policies to short term lending and even mortgages. Therefore, it is a good gauge for everyday people to see how lenders might perceive them. 

However, the way that your credit appears to other people and lenders may differ. The credit ‘scores’ you see through checkers and comparison engines simply give you a basic oversight. Also, they help you understand how lenders evaluate your profile and credit worthiness. For example, a score of 900 out of 1000 might be considered ‘excellent’ – though while lenders will see this the same through their checks, their own checking systems may well vary. 

Your credit score is your key to borrowing money. It tells lenders how reliable you are with credit, and that you will likely pay them back! 

an infographic giving some tips to help your credit score

How can I check my credit before applying for a loan? 

It’s easy to check your credit before you apply for any kind of loan or credit card. Thanks to smarter credit checking systems now allowing people to check up on their ratings from home and on the go. You can now log into services such as Experian or ClearScore easily to see how people perceive you when you want to borrow money. 

These services will give you an overview of your credit history in recent months and years. They will also give you an indication of what to expect when you apply for any major form of credit or loan. More often than not, you will be able to see a score out of 1000, with 1000 naturally being the top rate – 999, generally, is the limit. 

These credit checkers will help to set your expectations and will also help you to start looking for ways to start improving your score if you really need to. 

How do I improve my credit score? 

There are many different ways to making sure that your credit score is healthy and up to scratch. In fact, believe it or not, borrowing money and paying it back is one way you can improve your history and record. However, there are easier, less risky ways for you to show your lenders that you are genuine, and that you intend to pay money back to them. 

One of the best things you can do is to put your name on both household bills and on the electoral roll. Once a lender can see that you are actively paying bills and are registered to the UK voting system, they will have more confidence in your eligibility and ability to repay any money you borrow. 

You should also consider being careful with any indicators on your credit file that you have been a victim of fraud. You can use credit checkers such as ClearScore and Experian online to help edit misnomers and inaccuracies. 

girls wondering why no credit check loans are popular

Why do so many people search for ‘no credit check loans’?  

There is one obvious reason why no credit check loans are such a highly searched term. Essentially, when looking for a loan, the majority of people don’t want the application to impact their credit score 

Furthermore, due to its ever-increasing popularity the ‘no credit check’ term that borrowers use when searching for funds was quickly noticed by loan companies. This term is now used for advertisement and promotional purposes to attract customers. 

If you are declined for a loan then your credit score is likely to suffer, that’s a given. In turn, this will make you less likely to be approved for credit in the future. Or can significantly reduce the lending options that are available to you, it really is a peculiar cycle. 

The people who need access to credit the most are often the same people who are likely to be declined from traditional lenders, such as banks or other brokers. 

No Credit Check Loans – FAQ’s:

Can I get a bad credit loan with no credit check? 

In some cases, you will certainly be able to get a loan for bad credit without a check. However, you must remember that these opportunities are likely to be fewer and further between than standard loans and credit options. A bad credit score does not necessarily mean you won’t be able to get a loan at all, but what it might mean is that you get a loan at a higher rate of interest, or with more stringent checks. 

That said, it’s not impossible to secure a short term or payday loan with a soft check, even if you have poor to bad credit. The best thing to do, as always, is to compare between leading providers, and to be truthful about the information you provide. This way, you can be sure that you’ll have access to accurate, leading loan options regardless of your scoring and check status. Nice and simple! 

Can I apply for payday loans with no credit check? 

Yes. There are many payday loan providers who will be willing to accept applications for short term repayment without the need for a hard credit check. However, you must be aware that this may come at the expense of increased interest, and it may mean that you have access to less potential credit than you’d otherwise achieve through hard check channels. 

Payday loans are designed to be short term options only. These options will likely appeal to anyone looking for credit with a quick turnaround, or if they have a poor credit score and are worried about what lenders may offer them if they go through the standard channels. 

It is worth remembering that payday loans have stricter regulations imposed on them nowadays. Therefore, it should be clear to you when you sign up for these short term loans whether or not the agreements are going to benefit you and your income. 

How can I get a loan with no credit check?

To get a loan without a credit check, you will normally need to look carefully at short term loan providers. Generally, the more you borrow and the longer period you do so for, the more likely it is that you are going to face a hard check. Soft checks will only look at the top level of your credit history and will therefore not have any impact on your score. 

All regulated loan companies and lenders must perform a responsible credit check of some kind. This is to protect both their interests and your own. Therefore, there isn’t actually such a thing as a legal loan or borrowing option without some form of credit check. However, the soft option is seen as a ‘non-credit check’ alternative as it actually requires very little investigation. 

It’s perfectly possible to get a loan without a credit check – just make sure to compare with leading providers! 

What are the best no credit check loans? 

There are a variety of different no credit check loan options out there, and as these can differ from lender to lender, and change from time to time, it’s impossible to say what the overall best solution might be! What’s more, the best no credit check loan for you might not be the best choice for everyone else. 

Therefore, you are going to need to look for a loan that offers you a reasonable repayment window, minimal probing into your credit history and financial status, and which offers you a competitive rate of APR. It is the interest factor, the APR, which is likely to set these loans apart. All no credit check loan and short term borrowing options will likely have higher interest rates than traditional hard check loans, so make sure to take a close look at the options available to you across multiple lenders and funding sources. 

How can I get a loan with terrible credit? 

It’s still possible to get a loan with terrible credit. However, you may have to concede a few elements of traditional borrowing if you have a shaky financial history. For example, you may be expected to pay more than you expect on interest over your period of borrowing. What’s more, you may need to submit to a hard credit check if you are looking to borrow a significant amount of money. 

However, there are bad credit loans which don’t always need hard credit checks. These will simply check the top layer of your credit. This means that there is no need for you to worry about failing big checks if you have a varied financial history. 

You could also get a loan with bad credit if you sign up with a guarantor. A guarantor is someone with a positive credit history who will be able to pay for your defaults on your behalf. However, many people are still able to get loans with bad credit and no guarantors – it is always worth comparing the best rates. 

Can I get a short term loan with no credit check? 

Yes. In fact, many short term loans give you the chance to apply for credit without having to take on a hard check. While all regulated loan providers must run credit checks of some kind, no credit check loans are those which run soft checks. Soft checks will only look into your general financial history and will not concern deeper checks which could impact your credit score. 

There are many direct lenders who offer loans without credit checks. Short term loans are seen as low risk to many lenders, which is why you may be able to borrow money this way without the need for a hard check of sorts. However, you must be aware that you may need to pay more interest in the long run, which is the counterbalance a lender needs to ensure they are confident. 

It is more likely you will find short terms loans with no credit check than long terms loans offering the same. 

What credit score do you need to get approved for a loan? 

It is generally a good idea to have a credit score of more than 500 at leading checkers if you are looking for approval on large amounts of money, or long-term repayments. Therefore, it is well worth using online checkers and apps before you apply for credit just in case. 

However, the way that lenders check and score credit can vary from service to service. Therefore, it is not always mandatory to have a perfect score to achieve the loan amount that you want. Simply make sure to keep your score as healthy as possible, and you will have access to the best possible rates.  

Make sure to discuss your loan carefully with your provider before you sign any contracts or before credit checks begin. They will let you know what you can expect from the process. Otherwise, make sure to speak to a credit expert for the full breakdown on how this all works from the provider side of things. 

Can I get a cheap loan with no credit check? 

Yes – it’s perfectly possible to get access a cheap loan without the need for a credit check. However, you must remember that rates and values will vary from lender to lender, and your own value on ‘cheap’ may differ from the next person’s! Therefore, whenever you compare loans and rates, you should always keep an open mind. 

You can take on cheap loans without a hard credit check for a short period. Short term loans often use soft credit checks as they require less investigation and won’t need you to wait for long periods to hear back. Beyond this, there won’t be any risk of harm being done to your credit file. 

However, you might find that many loans without hard credit checks are likely to arrive with higher rates of interest. That’s because a loan company will need additional confidence when lending to people without full checks. They want to know that they will get paid back! 

What loans can I get without a credit check? 

This isn’t something that is always easy to explain or answer without the full application details to hand! However, it is certainly possible that you could get a short term or a quick loan without the need for a credit check. By no credit check, we mean checks which are ‘soft’. This means that there is little investigation into your finances, and it also means that there is no negative impact on your long-term file or scoring, either. 

There are options with a secured loan where you wouldn’t necessarily need a credit check. This loan type however relies on a particular assets to validate the loan request, but naturally is not the preferred option for most.

You can get loans through payday or short term providers without a credit check on the whole. However, there’s nothing to say you can’t get longer loans this way. To find out which loans you could benefit from without hard credit checking, make sure to use a comparison engine or service. This will tell you how much you could expect to borrow and for how long. Do be careful when shopping around for the best APR, too! 

How It Works with LoanBird:

Our website has been developed to give you the option to see how likely it is that you’ll be accepted for a loan before a hard credit check is done. Also, the panel of lenders we give you access to is one of the largest in the UK. Thus meaning, you have a better opportunity of being accepted.

a woman on a laptop viewing LoanBirds loan rates with no credit check

Interest rates

As the risk of lending cannot be accurately attained, the interest rates applied to a no credit check loan may be considerably higher than guarantor loans or personal loans.

Your interest rate will be worked out based on the soft check. This will not show a completely full or accurate credit history, the lender will normally perceive a no credit check loan to be a higher risk to them.

No credit check loans mainly bracket short term loans and payday loans, interest rates are often between 150%APR – 200%APR with these loan types.

Do the repayments work differently?

The repayment schedule varies from loan to loan. A no credit check loan is exclusively a short term advance, though agreements can be made to make monthly repayments. These are not usually recommended due to the balance increase associated with high interest rates.

As a no credit check loan is often treated as a type of payday loan, the full balance is usually repaid within a few months.

Paying off a high interest loan quickly will decrease the total amount you have to pay, as there is less time for the interest to add to the balance.

LoanBird showing there's no credit footprint with it's service

Is there a credit footprint with Loan bird?

Some of us might have bad credit but earn an good enough income to support each loan repayment. Before you apply there’s probably lots of questions running through your mind. For example – Can I even get a loan? Should I apply with bad credit knowing a credit search needs to happen at some point?

There are plenty of options out there to help you, even with a past of poorly managed credit. Because we use a soft search only, you have the option to walk away from any proposals without a dint in your credit score.

Many have been in a situation where the lender has rejected their loan request. Inquiring for a loan with a lender directly will no doubt leave a credit footprint. Essentially, we’re here to show you what your options are before the need of a credit check.

a red haired girl holding a sign to express the credit advantage of applying with LoanBird

Applying with LoanBird

Applying for a no credit check loan can be very overwhelming due to the amount of different creditors, and the range of options available. Some creditors aren’t always clear whether you’ll be applying for a payday loan, or a bad credit payday loan.

LoanBird have taken that challenge away, and will allow you to easily apply online for whichever loan you think is right for you. Not only that, you’ll be able to place your loan application with most of the UK’s fully authorised lenders.

Can I be declined?

In short, yes – but it’s not very likely.

The point of a no credit check loan is to gain access to credit without being declined. This gives you the opportunity to know if you’re likely to be successful. If you are when paying it back it can actually increase your credit score, making you more likely to be accepted for credit in the future.

If we believe that you’ve been untruthful in the application, or, if we believe that you’re applying for a loan for fraudulent purposes, we do have the right to refuse a financial advance.

Don’t worry if you do get declined – feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss this further.

a soft search loan is as close as you can get to a no credit check

Only a soft search when applying with us

As we advised earlier on, we will never pursue or leave a note on your credit report. The service we offer is pretty much as close as it gets to what a no credit check loans service should be. So, rest assured when using there won’t be any nasty surprises. We realise your credit rating is precious, and we want you to keep it in tip-top condition.

LoanBird wants to provide a platform to help your chances of obtaining a loan, not to affect your chances of gaining any form of credit.

Also to add, with us you can see if you’ll be accepted for one of our loans before you choose a lender. Our application process only requires brief details e.g. employment status and if you have an income.

We only need this information to help assist you in finding the best possible options.

How quickly will I get the money?

If you apply directly through LoanBird, you’ll be able to access the funds within 24 hours with some lenders! If you’d like to go ahead with a no credit check loan, try LoanBird for free, we search the best deals from the most reliable UK lenders.

Here’s some more information on credit check related tips:

Representative APR: 279.5% | Representative Example: Loan Amount: £300 | Borrowed for 60 days | Total Repayment: £420.82 in 2 monthly installments of £210.41 | Interest Charged: £120.82, interest rate 120.8% pa (Variable).

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