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Search for alternatives to Quick Quid loans easily following our 3 step process at LoanBird. Here’s how to do it:

Representative APR: 49.9% | Representative Example: Loan Amount: £1,000 over 12 months at £107.53 per month. Total Repayment: £1,290.36 | Interest: £290.36. Interest rate: 49.9% p.a. Fixed*.

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  • Step 1 - Application

    Complete our quick application form in just a few minutes, telling us about your current finances and the Quickquid loan alternative you want.

  • Step Two - Decision

    In seconds, you’ll see your pre-approved lender offers for loans like Quick Quid for easy review. All you have to do is select the one you want and continue your application with the lender.

  • Step Three - Cash

    Once approved, you’ll receive your digital loan agreement. Review, sign and send this back, and you could receive the funds for your Quickquid loan in just 10 minutes!

Find a Quickquid Loan Alternative Lender that can Help in Minutes

Searching for great value loans as an alternative to lenders such as Quick Quid loans may seem simple enough but can be extremely time-consuming. You could spend hours researching different online loan lenders to find what you need, but what if there was a more convenient way to do so? At LoanBird, we know your time is precious, especially when you need quick funds to cover a short term situation. With just one application, we can connect you with over 30 FCA approved direct lenders as an alternative to a Quickquid loan. We are a completely FREE service to use and with minimal effort, you could find the perfect lender for any amount up to £15,000. Whether you have your eye on home improvements this year or need to pay for an emergency repair bill, we can show you the ideal loan products to help you.

The reason many people may choose loans like Quick Quid is because of the speed and ease of receiving the approved funds. Through us, you’ll have a choice of multiple lenders which are all pre-approved based on your application details, and once you have completed an application you will receive the funds the same day, sometimes as quick as 10 minutes into your bank account. Loans like Quickquid are available as payday loans, to guarantor loans and personal loans. Depending on how much you want to borrow, we’ll determine which lenders and products best suit you. To see what you could find, click apply now and begin to review your personalised offers today.

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What are the Benefits of Finding Alternative Quick Quid Loans Online with LoanBird?

Quick and easy online application

Find Quick Quid loans up to £15,000

Apply for alternative Quick Quid loans online from anywhere

Instant decision loans like Quickquid lender finder

Choose instant QuickQuid loans, business loans, personal loans and more

Find loans like Quick Quid with no credit check required

Over 30 FCA authorised lenders of instant Quick Quid loans in the UK

Instant bad credit loans available

Cash in your account 10 minutes after approval

No brokerage fees – completely FREE to use!

Apply for Loans like Quickquid by Comparing Lenders Quickly

What makes our smart search tool different is that you’ll be able to review all your available offers without having to undergo a credit check or pay any brokerage fees. We are completely FREE to use and there is no obligation to choose a loan to apply for after searching. We want our customers to be able to use our comparison tool to make a better financial decision to aid them, so you can find alternative Quick Quid loans that match your circumstances exactly. If you do find a lender offering exactly what you’re looking for and you’re happy with the terms offered, all you have to do is continue your application with them.

All the information you’ll need to make a quick decision will be shown to you when reviewing your offers on alternative Quickquid loans. No searching elsewhere and no hidden fees, you’ll see the full terms in one place so you can quickly compare with your other offers. We can’t guarantee you will be approved for the Quick Quid loans alternatives you see, but as you will be pre-approved, your chances of being successful with your application are enhanced.

Are You Eligible for a Quickquid Loan?

To be eligible to see your Quick Quid loans alternative lenders, we’ve kept our criteria as open as possible. This is so we can help more people find exactly what they need using our search. You will need to be:

At least 18 years of age

A resident in the UK

Hold a UK bank account with a valid debit card

Receive a regular income

By meeting these criteria, you can take advantage of our FREE to use comparison tool straight away. Once you have completed our application and chosen a lender you want to apply for, you will be required to undergo a full credit check with the lender. A ‘soft check’ is carried out to see your lender offers for alternative Quickquid loans, which will not appear on your credit file or affect your credit rating. As part of your full application, a full credit check is required and supporting documents will need to be provided. This is usually proof of identity, proof of address and your most recent bank statements. We recommend having these all prepared before continuing your application to avoid any delays.

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Apply Now for an Alternative to Quick Quid Loans & Get the Cash in 10 Minutes

If you like the sound of seeing alternative offers to Quick Quid loans for FREE, click apply now and you can get started. We’re happy to help customers who may have further queries about our service and the lenders of alternative Quickquid loans on our panel. Just contact us directly to be assisted by a member of the LoanBird team or browse our FAQs for further information. We look forward to helping you receive the funds you’re looking for in no time at all.


Quick Quid Loans FAQs

Are Loans like Quick Quid Guaranteed to be Approved?

No lender can guarantee you will be approved before fully assessing your application and finances, and it’s no different with loans like Quick Quid. As part of your application, a full credit check has to be performed by our FCA approved lenders to check your credit history and confirm your identity. They will also need to ensure you can afford the loan you are looking for to follow responsible lending guidelines. A Quickquid loan alternative lender will only be able to guarantee your application is successful once all checks are complete, however, this process can still be extremely quick, with some applicants receiving the funds within 10 minutes of signing their agreement.

What’s the Maximum I Can Borrow with Loans Like Quickquid?

When applying for loans like Quickquid, the amount you can borrow will be determined by a few things, including your current financial circumstances and the loan terms you want. Some lenders will offer a maximum of £5,000 whereas others may be able to provide up to £15,000. This will depend on the loan product you choose and whether the lender can provide suitable terms that you can afford to pay back. We do not encourage customers to apply for more than they can afford to borrow. You shouldn’t apply for the maximum amount just because it is available, so we recommend only applying for the amount you need.

Does an Alternative Quickquid Loan Need a Good Credit Score?

An alternative Quickquid loan is suitable for many types of financial background, so there is no minimum requirement for an applicant’s credit score. We are happy to help customers with a bad credit history to those with an excellent one using our FREE online search connect to lenders who can help. By telling us about your current finances and the loan you’re looking for, we can provide you with a personalised table of offers from our panel of lenders that will work for you. This way, you will only see pre-approved offers that match your current circumstances, providing you with a better chance of getting the loan you want even with a bad credit history.