Personal Loans

Lending amounts of:  up to £15,000

Borrowing periods:  up to 5 years 

Applying for personal loans with LoanBird is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Here’s how:

Representative APR: 49.9% | Representative Example: Loan Amount: £1,000 over 12 months at £107.53 per month. Total Repayment: £1,290.36 | Interest: £290.36. Interest rate: 49.9% p.a. Fixed*.


  • Step One - Apply

    Applying for many personal loans in the UK is easy. Simply select how much you need, how long you want to repay it, and provide some simple information. It only takes a few minutes!

  • Step Two - Decision

    Once you’ve submitted your info, we’ll show you the best deals for easy payday loans and more. Simply choose your favourite.

  • Step Three - Cash

    Once you’ve read and signed the agreement for your easy loans in the UK, the cash can be in your bank account in just 10 minutes!

We Help You Find Personal Loans in the UK

Personal loans can be used for a variety of larger expenses, from moving expenses and home repairs to purchasing a new carAs they can be used for non-essential purchases, they’re much more flexible than payday loansThey can also be used to consolidate multiple debts into one, more easily manageable, repayment. Finding the best personal loans for your needs can be difficult – with so much choice out there, it’s difficult to narrow down your choices and find the best deal.  

Here’s where LoanBird comes in: we make finding personal loans in the UK easy and stress free. We’re an FCA authorised broker, and we partner with over 30 of the best lenders in the country to help you compare loans and make a quick decision confidently. Many brokers will charge you for this service – but we don’t. You can find cheap personal loans without having to pay any broker fees – our services are completely FREE to use.

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How to Find the Best Personal Loans

Looking for loans can take hours of research, comparing lenders and filling out application after application. Doing it this way can also present a risk to your credit score, and make it more difficult to find personal loans in the UK in future. We cut down the long, stressful process into one simple application form. What’s more, applying for the best personal loans with LoanBird won’t affect your credit score in any way.

To compare all the best personal loans in the UK, all you need to do is fill out one simple application form – let us know how much you’d like to borrow, as well as how long you’d like to repay it. We’re able to help applicants find loans up to £15,000, with loan terms as long as 5 years.  If you don’t need to borrow as much as this, and could repay it more quickly, we can also show you great short term loans – there’s no need to fill out a different loan application, we’ll always show you the best options for your circumstances and needs. 

Once you’ve submitted your application, we’ll show you a list of cheap personal loans that you are eligible for, based on your personal finances. All you need to do is choose the best loan deal that makes sense for you. You’ll get a great range of benefits, such as:

• Find the best loans in minutes

• Apply online 24/7 from anywhere

• Get a near-instant decision

• No hard credit check left on your file

• Compare lenders to find cheap personal loans

• Cash in your bank account in as little as 10 minutes

• Safety and security of FCA authorised companies

• No collateral needed for unsecured personal loans

• No brokerage fees – completely FREE to use!

Can’t wait to get started? Apply for all the best personal loans in the UK at LoanBird.

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Find Cheap Personal Loans with a Soft Credit Check

When you apply for loans in the UK, FCA authorised lenders are required to run a ‘hard search’ credit check before they can approve your application. Even if they’re unable to help you, that credit check will remain on your credit file for at least two years, and will be visible to future lenders. If you have to go to multiple lenders to find cheap personal loans – or even just a lender that will accept your application – it can make it more difficult to get credit in the future.

With LoanBird, things are different. We’re an FCA authorised broker, which means we can match you with the best personal loans in the UK with just a ‘soft search’ credit check. This has no impact on your credit score, won’t show on your credit report and doesn’t affect your financial situation in any other way. You can compare unsecured personal loans from a panel of over 30 trustworthy lenders to find the best deal for you, and it won’t leave a trace.

While we can’t guarantee that every application will be successful, we are able to match 8 out of 10 applicants with their perfect online personal loans. It’s important that you provide us with accurate information, as any errors can slow down your quick loans application or lead to a termination after your chosen lender carries out their credit checks. 

Why We’re the Best Personal Loans Broker

If you don’t have the best credit score, it can make finding cheap personal loans more difficult. That’s why it’s so important to use our free bad credit loan finder tool. We’ll match you up with all of our lenders of personal loans in the UK who will be happy to accept your financial situation, so you can compare loan deals confidently and clearly. 

We’re able to find the best personal loans for people with bad credit scores because many of the trusted lenders that we partner with base their decisions not on your credit score, but your ability to afford the loan you have applied for. The way this works is that we’ll assess your regular income and outgoings such as credit card repayments, direct debits and other loans, and determine if you could manage the repayments of your online personal loans – with plenty of money left over for living expenses, too.

In order to make these fair personal loans in the UK as accessible as possible, we have very straightforward eligibility criteria. You’re welcome to apply for our online personal loans if you are:

• At least 18 years of age

• A resident in the UK

• Hold a UK bank account with a valid debit card

• Receive a regular income

Your regular income can be from any source: full time or part time employment, self-employment, benefits or a pension. You can supply the last few months’ worth of bank statements as evidence, and we’ll also need to see a valid photo ID such as a driving license or a passport.

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Get Online Personal Loans Today

So whether you want to find cheap personal loans to consolidate your debts into a more manageable payment or are looking for the best personal loans in the UK to make repairs to your home, LoanBird can help. With our trusted panel of over 30 FCA authorised lenders, we can match you with the best unsecured personal loans and can have the cash in your bank account today. All of this, and our services are completely FREE!

Apply for online personal loans with LoanBird today. 

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Personal loans in the UK FAQs

Why might you need a personal loan?

There are a number of reasons people need to use personal loans in the UK, here’s a list of some: 

  • General bills
  • New Car
  • Veterinary Costs
  • Consolidating debt
  • Medical expenses
  • Starting a business
  • Weddings
  • Boiler repairs
  • New motorbike
  • Holiday
  • New motor home
  • Household appliances 
  • Dental costs

Flexible Terms     

Sometimes bills can be a lot larger than what we expected, most of us cannot afford to pay it off in one go. Our personal loans offer flexible borrowing terms that can suit anyone in need of a larger sum of money. With this loan type lending periods are longer, this gives all customers the option to spread their repayment costs if need be.

Whatever amount you decide to choose your repayments will be set at a fixed monthly rate.

  • Lending terms of 1 – 5 years
  • Up to £15,000 available

Low APR Personal loans

When applying for our low APR personal loans in the UK we will always aim to present the best possible rates for your circumstances. Our rates are between: 3.1% APR and 71.3% APR.

We want to provide as much choice as possible, this is why we offer many different options and loan types. You have the choice of borrowing over a 5 year period, meaning more options to suit your circumstances. A lot of customers tend to prefer a longer term as it reduces the overall amount they pay back per month.

A Smart Personal Loan Service

Larger personal loans in the UK can sometimes take a while to complete with other companies. That’s why we have adopted a simple, online platform for you to access a personal loan with an immediate decision.

Once you have been through our lending software and accepted the loan for you, our lenders will be in touch. Most of our panel aim to send the money over on the day of your request. Your repayments will be set up on a direct debit, and flexible dates will be discussed to suit your circumstances.

After Care

Once you’ve got the loan for you, it is important to keep on top of all repayments so your credit score stays nice and healthy. Usually, lenders send out reminders for you before each repayment day.

Please be aware of all the terms set out by your lender, if you miss any payments you may be charged further fees. Charges will depend on your personal loan agreement, please see your terms and conditions for any failed repayment fees.

If you find yourself having payment problems we strongly advise that you contact your lender immediately.

Please note: Any continuous arrears or unpaid repayments could lead to a negative note on your credit score. This information might be passed on to a credit reference agency.

Painless personal loans with LoanBird

One of the main questions we’re asked about this loan type is: Do you offer personal loans in the UK with an instant online approval? As we advise below, we always aim to cater for a speedy approval. However, it’s difficult for any broker or lender to tell you they can guarantee you an approval. That’s why we need to ask certain questions in our application form to help the lenders decision.

At least you will know where you stand with us, as our swift software advises whether you’re successful or not.

Sometimes looking for personal loans on the high street can be difficult. High street loans can be time-consuming and expensive, our loan service has been formed to offer a time effective search tool with the best possible rates.

Our personal loans are unsecured so there is no need for you to use a car or house to qualify for a larger loan. When a large bill hits you on the nose your bank account is going to feel it. There are some really cheap rates available with our lenders, and since the legislation change on interest rates (lenders cannot charge more than 0.8% per day of the amount borrowed) most loan lenders have to be competitive.

Most of our lenders will consider all credit types, and when it comes to depositing the money for you our service speed is second to none.

Personal Loans Delivered on The Same Day? 

Our instant personal loans service is proving successful results, the average response time from most lenders is under a minute. LoanBird won’t leave you tapping your fingers. If you are approved for a personal loan we could even get the money to you on the same day.

We hold strong ethics in efficiency when it comes to providing a service. Most competitors make the application process more difficult than it needs to be. Our dedicated team employs the understanding that decision delivery time is key.

Be mindful that the deposit can sometimes take a little longer than expected, this is usually due to your bank’s transaction process. If our lender has sent the cash and it has not entered your account yet, it may be best to contact your bank to accept the funds if you need it urgently.

Average Amounts Borrowed

  • 4 out of 5 people borrowing through Loan Bird have used personal loans up to £5,000
  • 3 out of 5 people borrowing through Loan Bird have used loans up to £10,000
  • 2 out of 5 people borrowing through Loan Bird used a £15,000 personal loan

 Please Note: The above is based on figures from LoanBird’s stats. We looked at an average trend of personal loans borrowed. This could change from year to year.

Personal loans chart







Personal loan advantages 

Personal loans are an unsecured loan facility, so they do not require an asset to justify the borrower’s eligibility. These loans can also support any higher valued purchases or bills. Here are some of the advantages of using a personal loan:

Unsecured Advantages

  • Longer lending terms
  • Spreads the costs
  • Flexible borrowing terms
  • Cheap market rates
  • Fixed repayments
  • Fixed terms
  • Covers higher valued items
  • Can cover larger bills
  • No assets to secure the loan
  • Some lenders consider bad credit loans

Further Info

  • Over £100 billion provided in loans each year
  • Millions of people borrow weekly
  • One of the most popular loan options in the UK

When using a personal loan you should always assess your situation beforehand to make sure you can afford the loan. When applying please ensure all your details are correct and accurate. We have advanced software in place throughout the application process to highlight any incorrect or invalid information.

Note: Sometimes paying a lower loan rate over a longer time period can work out more expensive than taking out a higher rate loan over a shorter period of time.

A user-friendly personal loan process

Our comparison loan quoting service is free and it compares the vast majority of UK loan providers. This works with the design to supply a quick personal loan online with an instant approval.

Loan Bird is a licensed credit broker, not a lender for personal loans. We are not responsible for decisions on whether or not you can afford a loan. We only use fully authorised lenders providing personal loans. They are all reputable companies that offer a UK loan service only.

Some companies will try to charge a brokering fee and contact you directly for your information. If you are unsure of where the individual is calling from, we strongly advise not to give your personal details over the phone. Our service is free and we strictly operate online only. We will never call our customers to discuss our loans or to require any personal information.

Note: Our lenders may need to contact you once you have applied for one of our personal loans.

We believe strongly in responsible lending and offer each customer access to a selection of lenders. Rather than applying directly to one lender, try our service, it could offer you further choice and better affordability options.

Related Information to Personal Loans:

Our personal loans can offer you the following:

same day deposits

Many of our customers get their loan on the day they applied.

Online Efficiency

A simple service with a great response time.

Our service is free

No hidden charges with us.

Flexible Borrowing terms

We have many options to offer, for all types of circumstances.

No Cold calling

We work online only, so no need for us to contact you.

No credit checks from us

No notes on your credit file.