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How to Write Effective Invoices

How to Write Effective Invoices

How to Create Invoices That Get Paid

If you’re a business owner or a freelancer for instance, then you’ve probably come across a late or non-payment situation. This will not only impact your cash flow, but your time. There’s nothing more frustrating and time-consuming than chasing clients for the work you’ve done for them.

Now, there’s no way to 100% make certain a client pays on time, but there’s certainly a number of steps you can take to improve the probability of the money hitting your account on time.

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Make Sure You Sign a Contract Specifying the Terms

If you can, make sure you draw up a solid contract with all of your clients or businesses that you work with. Here you’ll be able to clearly state the agreed payment terms and what action will be taken if they don’t pay. Having something in black and white will make them think twice about not paying you.

If they still decide not to pay, you can use this to take legal or court action against them.

Include the Payment Terms in Your Invoice and Cover Email

Once you’ve specified your payment terms, make sure you highlight the ‘due by date’ on there and any other important information. Usually invoices get sent over email, so use the email as a place to reiterate your terms.

Set a clear subject for the email, add an overview in the main body, and finally attach the invoice (PDF format is normally best).

Use a Professional Invoice Generator

An invoice generator can be a great idea to save you some time and keep you well organised.

You can utilise options like setting up reports and reminders to save you the job of doing these things. Most companies that sell this as a service will include security-backed software and data backup functions.

Other Areas to Making a Good Invoice:

  • A strong header
  • Display all your business/contact details
  • Your customer/clients details
  • Create a unique number for each invoice
  • Include a list of the services provided
  • If there’s any tax due
  • If needed – add any notes
  • Don’t forget to thank them!

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