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How to avoid summer holiday scams

How to avoid summer holiday scams

How to avoid summer holiday scams

Summer can be a happy time, full of sun, cocktails and sea air. But where there’s demand, there’s always someone trying to take advantage. We’ve looked into how to make the most of your money this summer by avoiding those summer scams.

Up-selling everywhere

So you’ve saved up to take a little holiday abroad, maybe you’ve even taken out a payday loan to cover it. It’s time to scour the internet for some cheap flights to a sunnier destination. You’ll probably come across a number of cheap options that feel like they’re just too good to be true. And it’s probably because they are. If a one way flight is around £40, then double check how much the return costs too, they’re often hugely inflated.

You’ll have to consider luggage costs too. Sometimes that can almost cost as much as the flight itself. You’ve also good to look out for booking fees and a charge for choosing to pay with your card. And we’ve not even started looking at the cost of sun cream! Next thing you know, you’re way out of your budget and a dark cloud is hovering above your dreams of a hotter climate.

Take a look around

Use comparison sites to see if you can find an option where luggage is included in the cost. Sometimes it works out cheaper flying with a more premium airline to certain destinations, so don’t rule them out. If you’re just going for a long weekend, do you even need luggage at all?

If you’re a light traveller you can save plenty of money. You should shop around when it comes to products like sun cream too. Sure, you’ll see plenty of buy one get one free offers in supermarkets, but don’t let the yellow sign fool you, just because it says you can get two for £20 in June, doesn’t mean they weren’t priced at £10 each earlier in the year. We recommend looking out for cheaper brands which tend to be hidden on the lower shelves.

How we can help

So now you know to shop around to get the best bang for your buck. This is the same for loans too. At Loan Bird, we can provide you with plenty of financial solutions to suit your needs. So if you need a payday loan to help cover the cost of your holiday, we’ll be more than happy to help.

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