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Find the best home improvement loans in the UK through our smart search in 3 easy steps. Here’s how:

Representative APR: 49.9% | Representative Example: Loan Amount: £1,000 over 12 months at £107.53 per month. Total Repayment: £1,290.36 | Interest: £290.36. Interest rate: 49.9% p.a. Fixed*.

Get A Home Improvement Loan Today!

  • Step 1 - Application

    Quickly complete our online application form for home improvement loans in the UK. This should only take a few minutes to do and requires details about you and the loan you want.

  • Step Two - Decision

    Within seconds, see your lender offers of home loans in the UK and browse your options. All you have to do is pick the one you want.

  • Step Three - Cash

    Once you’ve signed your home renovation loan agreement, you’ll receive the funds into your bank account within 10 minutes!

Get Home Improvement Loans from UK Lenders Instantly

We know what it’s like; you really want to make some changes to your home, possibly a new bathroom or finally build that conservatory you’ve always wanted, but the costs involved push your ideas back. If you don’t have enough in savings to get the job started, you’ll most likely be looking for home improvement loans to help. With amounts available up to £15,000, here at LoanBird, we can connect you with lenders able to help you finally get your planned project funded. You can browse your lender offers with just one application, taking just a few minutes to complete online. With repayment terms available up to 5 years, you can find an affordable home loan based on your current finances.

If you have good credit or bad, there are home loans in the UK to help you resolve all manner of home renovations. Whatever the project you have in mind, you can browse your lender offers for FREE using our smart search, filtering out the lenders who can’t offer what you’re looking for. Just tell us how much you want to borrow, how long for and a little about your current finances and we’ll do the rest. Ready to see your home improvement loans in the UK offers? Click apply now and see what we can do for you.

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What are the Benefits of Using LoanBird to find Home Improvement Loans?

Quick and easy online application

Find home improvement loans up to £15,000

Apply for home loans online from anywhere

Instant decision home renovation loan finder

Choose instant home improvement loans, short term loans, personal loans and more

Find a home loan with no credit check required

Over 30 FCA authorised lenders of instant home improvement loans in the UK

Instant bad credit loans available

Cash in your account 10 minutes after approval

No brokerage fees – completely FREE to use!

How to Choose the Right Home Loans in the UK for Your Needs

Finding the right loan online is important as it will ensure you are not overpaying for the terms you want. With home loans in the UK for improvements and renovations, you can choose how much you want to borrow to cover the expense. Whether you need to redecorate your entire home or redesign your garden area, being able to choose up to £15,000 will cover the most essential costs. Usually, you would have to search through available lenders online which is time-consuming, comparing different lenders and the terms on offer. By using LoanBird, you can reduce the time spent searching into just a few minutes after completing our application form, connecting you with FCA approved lenders.

Once you have your lender offers for home improvement loans in the UK, you can then browse at your own pace to review the terms available. There is no obligation to choose a loan at this point and it’s entirely your choice whether to continue. As well as our search being FREE to use, you will not have to undergo a credit check to view your offers. A ‘soft search’ will be performed that checks your credit history but will not impact your credit score. If you do find an offer that works for you, continue your application for home improvement loans in the UK and you could have the funds in as little as 10 minutes.

Are you Eligible for a Home Renovation Loan?

We’ve kept the eligibility criteria simple here at LoanBird so that more people can find home improvement loans that can help. To be able to apply today, you will need to be:

At least 18 years of age

A resident in the UK

Hold a UK bank account with a valid debit card

Receive a regular income

As part of a home loans application, you will need to provide supporting documents as well as undergo a full credit check. You should have to hand your proof of identity, proof of address and most recent bank statements ready for the lender to check. If you don’t have all of these prepared before you apply, this could delay your application.

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Apply Now for Home Improvement Loans in the UK

If you’ve got the amount in mind that you need and how long for, click apply now and see which of our panel of lenders can help you today. Have any questions about home improvement loans in the UK? Don’t hesitate to contact the team here at LoanBird where we can assist you further. You can also browse our FAQs for more helpful advice.


Home Improvement Loans FAQs

How Long Can I Choose to Pay Back a Home Improvement Loan?

We can help you find home improvement loans up to a maximum term of 5 years, but this will depend on the lender and the amount you wish to borrow. You should only choose the maximum repayment length available if you cannot afford to pay back your lender quicker. Some lenders may only be able to offer terms up to 3 years for a lesser amount, but this will depend on your current circumstances and your credit history. We’re happy to help customers from many different financial backgrounds get the loan they need, so we will match your requirements to lenders who can help.

What Happens if I Can’t Maintain My Home Renovation Loan Repayments?

If for any reason you miss a repayment or feel your financial circumstances have changed since taking out a home renovation loan, you will need to contact the lender as soon as possible. We can offer advice here at LoanBird, however, your credit agreement is with your chosen lender, so speaking to them should be your first point of contact. Your lender will be able to discuss a suitable timeframe to repay any arrears, but by missing repayments, you risk receiving charges and/or defaulting on the loan. If you are in financial difficulties, you should seek help from The Money Advice Service or Citizens Advice for more information.

What APR Can I Expect from Home Loans in the UK?

The rates of interest can change depending on the lender you choose and the amount you want to borrow. The lenders we can connect you with start with rates from 49.9%, so you’ll be able to find some of the lowest home improvement loans in the UK through us. After filling out our application with details about your finances and the amount you need for a home renovation loan, you’ll be able to review the lender offers all in once place, helping you to easily compare APR rates and work out the best option for you. There’s no obligation to carry on your application after reviewing your offer, so feel free to review your options to see what APR you could get.


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