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Voucher Code Websites – Do They Really Work?

Voucher Code Websites – Do They Really Work?

Do Voucher Code Websites Really Work? 

We all love a bargain, and when shopping online, there is nothing better than getting some extra cash off your purchase with a cheeky voucher code. From clothes to takeaways, there always seems to be a few different merchants willing to give you money off your next purchase. 

Over the years, a few ‘specialist’ websites have popped up, offering a plethora of money-saving promos you can enter as you checkout online. While this is, of course, all well and good – many people complain that some codes don’t live up to their promises, and neither do the sites they come from. 

As LoanBird is a payday loan broker aiming to save each customer money, we’re always interested in other market areas that strive to do this. So, are voucher code websites too good to be true, and do they actually even help to bring down regular costs?  

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What Are Voucher Code Websites, Anyway?

Voucher code websites give you access to money off at online retailers on-demand. The reason for this is not just because Brits love a bargain, but also because promo codes aren’t always coming through thick and fast into our inboxes. 

We have all received emails with odd codes and vouchers, telling us that by spending a certain amount, we can save ourselves however much using the code in question at the checkout.  

Generally speaking, these codes and coupons can offer a great way to save yourself some money, especially on bigger purchases from brands you really love. 

However, these codes only seem to arrive sparingly. Instead, we usually have to wait for the precise right moment (and the right emails) to get what we want.  

Voucher code websites let you search for a brand or shop you head to frequently, and take advantage of ‘secret’ deals you may have missed. For example, you might find voucher codes at specialist websites for Just Eat, MyProtein, Boots, Go Outdoors, Sainsburys and more. 

So, why aren’t more people raving about these websites for helping them save money? The fact is, some codes can be really hit and miss. 

Can Voucher Code Websites Genuinely Save Me Money?

Yes – voucher code websites will save you money if you dig deep enough, but not all codes listed may work guaranteed. 

Given there are so many code repositories available online, it’s safe to say that there are some sites, too, that are a little more lax than others. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to use websites such as TrustPilot to see what other online reviewers have to say about the code broker you choose. 

Some voucher code websites allow their visitors to rate codes based on whether or not they actually work – meaning you’ll save time having to play trial and error. Fake or outdated codes can make or break a purchase – and, of course, they could also end up costing you more than you expect. 

How to Get the Best Out of Voucher Code Websites

Always look for voucher code websites that have plenty of legitimate reviews and positive press. Money Saving Expert, for example, has its own voucher repository that updates throughout the day. This is a brand that many people trust with money advice across the board. You’ll even find that trusted magazine brands such as NME even have their own voucher code pages. 

You can also use apps, such as Honey, that you can add onto your internet browser directly. When you visit sites where discounts are possible, this extension cycles through valid voucher codes that appear to get you the most money off. It’s not always guaranteed that you’ll get money off with codes that Honey provides, but it takes away much of the searching work for you. 

Finally, to get the best value for money, simply follow the shops and brands you like most. Follow them on social media and subscribe to promotional emails – meaning that, yes, you should opt into what you may regard as ‘spam’ every now and again. 

Ultimately, the best online stores and brands want to retain their regular customers, which means you may expect random voucher codes popping up in your inbox if you haven’t bought anything for a while. They can also appear if, for example, you’ve spent some time adding to basket, but haven’t actually completed checkout. 

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Are Voucher Codes Really the Best Options for Saving Money Online?

As tempting as the most-revered voucher code websites can be, there may actually be a few other, more reliable ways you can save cash online. 

For example, have you considered looking closely at used or second-hand goods? If you’re not too fussy about your Blu Rays and games coming shrink-wrapped and are even slightly loved, eBay, Vinted and Gumtree are fantastic places to start hunting around. 

You may also find that subscribing to particular products or deals gets you regular money off the things you love. Amazon, for example, offers ‘subscribe and save’, where thousands of items receive a 5% discount every time you purchase (providing you agree to a scheduled delivery). In some cases, you may even save up to 15% on your future orders. 

There’s also cashback sites to consider. Websites such as TopCashback won’t save you instant cash on your purchases straight away, but will give you a little cash back later on in time once you’ve verified checkout. For example, you could save up to £2 per week on a supermarket delivery. That doesn’t sound like much, but if you checkout through the same cashback site for a year, you might find a nice £110 bonus waiting for you at Christmas (when you need it the most!). 

To Conclude 

Voucher code websites do receive a lot of mixed reviews, and that’s largely thanks to codes expiring while they’re still listed online. That’s why it makes plenty of sense to look for sites that have solid reputations, and which could give you genuine value for money – rather than expect you to pay over the odds just to get a little bit of change off the top. 

Also, it’s worth noting that if you’re looking to save money on specific higher ticket items, these voucher discounts might not be available for you. If this is the case and you need to cover the cost of a new oven, for instance – some form of an online loan might be a good alternative to consider.

Don’t swear off voucher code websites just because reviews may vary. Take a look around, and do also consider other ways to save money by shopping online. 

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