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4 Brilliant Apps for Selling Unwanted Items

4 Brilliant Apps for Selling Unwanted Items

Brilliant Apps for Selling Unwanted Items

Clutter is something we can all accrue if we’re not careful. Whether it’s unwanted birthday and Christmas presents from times gone by, or that you simply haven’t had chance to re-arrange your wardrobe, it’s very easy to get bogged down. However, thanks to the rise of internet marketplaces, it’s never been simpler to sell unwanted items online. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of apps upon which you can list all kinds of items from clothes, toys and décor to appliances and classic cars! There’s a good chance you may have heard of a handful of them already. However, just in case you haven’t, here’s a rundown of the best apps you can use to start selling your unwanted items at a profit. 


Everyone knows of eBay, but have you ever actually used it? Despite its age, the ‘original’ auction site has never lost relevancy. Millions of people still use it every day to sell old toys, games, consoles, clothes, and more besides. Pretty much any of the clutter that you have in your home can go on eBay, and it’s still the biggest app-based marketplace out there. 

The great thing about eBay is that there are two selling styles. You can either list your item as ‘Buy It Now’, meaning that you set it at a fixed price – or, you can list it as an auction item. This means that buyers will have to bid for the item up to a certain date. When the cut-off date and time arrives, your item will be sold to the highest bidder (unless you set a reserve, which is your lowest-accepted price).  

eBay will charge you about 35p to get you going, and then will take a cut of the final sale. At present, this is around 12.8% – a little higher than you may expect, but certainly worth it for giving you some extra cash from any unwanted gear. 


Founded in 2008, Vinted is a little more niche than eBay in that it focuses largely on vintage clothes and accessories. However, it’s been taking social media by storm over the past few years, and has a fairly fervent following. The ‘vintage boom’ started in the late 00s and has never really gone away – meaning there may be thousands of people waiting to buy your old clothes for the sake of ‘old school cool’. 

On the app, you can sell all kinds of clothes, accessories, but there’s also a small space for home decor, toys and games. You simply list your items at the price that you feel it’s worth, write a short description of the item, include a few well-shot photos, then post it.  

You can pay a little extra fee to boost items, too. That simply means that your sales ad will reach more people in their Vinted feeds. Once a buyer has chosen your item, they will pay for the delivery, and all you need to do is package the item and drop it off at your local drop off spot.  

Once the person has received your item, they will notify the app about its arrival, and confirm whether or not the condition in which it is in matches your description. The buyer has the right to not pay for the item if it’s not what they expect – which is why it is so important to be honest in your description.  

Vinted is a reputable alternative to eBay, and while it may have a smaller audience, its lack of a final value fee makes it a little more affordable for some people. What’s more, when it comes to selling unwanted items such as clothes and accessories, it’s often a little bit more difficult to do so through eBay. Vinted’s audience is a little more niche. 

Someone seeking Apps for Selling Unwanted Clutter


Gumtree is more or less the digital standard for classic ‘want’ and ‘sale’ ads that you’d traditionally see in your local newspaper. It’s actually something of a British take on Craigslist, meaning it’s useful for other services such as job listings and pet adoption. Unlike eBay and Vinted, Gumtree’s setup is a little more traditional – this is a platform for private sales that you have control over. 

Gumtree came about in the 00s and has since become one of the leading second-hand selling sites in the UK. You can upload your items for free, but again, like Vinted, you can also pay an extra fee for your listed items to reach more people.  

Many people prefer selling on Gumtree because it has more of a ‘community’ feel. That, and it’s predominantly cheaper than eBay for many items. People tend to head for Gumtree when, for example, they have larger items that would otherwise be difficult to post. Gumtree allows you to post classified ads for your local area or region to target local pickups. 


Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace works similarly to Gumtree in that it’s a classified ads platform, though it’s naturally built into the Facebook app itself. Therefore, you’re already likely to be reaching many more people than you’d expect through Vinted and Gumtree, and possibly even eBay. 

FB Marketplace has proven popular as it’s also been free to use for quite some time. However, at the time of writing, a 2% final value fee is reportedly still on the way. Regardless, this is highly competitive with eBay’s standard charge of 12.5%. 

Users commonly sell all kinds of unwanted items, such as clothes, furniture, and even cars here. People also list properties for rent and sale, too! However, there are several categories that break down available items into various lists of unwanted clutter – and one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, as they say. 

FB Marketplace also allows for ease of ad sharing, as it’s built into the main Facebook interface. You can either choose to let your friends and family know when you put things up for sale, or you can share your ads far and wide across the site. 

Is It Worth Using Apps to Sell Clutter?

While car boot sales and classified ads are very much still around, the world’s clutter sellers have moved online – and it’s super-convenient to just load up an app, take a photo, and get your cash in potentially minutes. 

Take a look at the four we recommend above, and take the time to check out prices for the items you want to sell – knowing your market is just as important as finding the best app or marketplace. 

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