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Best Value Movie Streaming Service Per Genre

Best Value Movie Streaming Service Per Genre

The digital age has changed how we consume TV and films, with subscription services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video taking priority for our entertainment choices. But with countless streaming service options, our love for TV and film can quickly stack up in price, so what is the best value online TV streaming service? 

We took this question further still, breaking down the analysis into the best value movie streaming service based on genre, so you can pay for the entertainment you want to see, and see how much of your subscription fee is supporting the films and TV shows you actually want to watch. Check out the results below!

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Amazon Streaming Subscriptions Are The Best Value For Money!

Our analysis took the UK’s top 15 entertainment genres to see which TV and movie streaming subscription offered the most content for each genre, therefore providing the best value for money per genre service for your entertainment tastes. 

The two forerunners, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix took the top spots for the most content per genre, with Amazon Prime Video listing the most for 14/15 of the most popular genres, making them the best streaming subscription services.

To compare online tv streaming services best value, let’s put this into the perspective of your annual subscription fees. If we were to split your fee over the content offered for the top 15 genres, top choice, ‘Drama’ TV shows and films, would take approximately 26% of your annual subscription fee on both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. 

That’s £20.66 of your £79 annual Amazon Prime cost for drama TV shows and films. Whereas for Netflix, as they offer fewer Drama shows and films and a steeper standard monthly cost, over 12 months you’d pay £31.36 for the total Drama offering, making Amazon Prime Video the cheapest movie streaming service for Drama lovers. 

Best Value Streaming Service, 2 Tables showing Cheapest Cost Per Watch Per Genre Per Service & Most Expensive

Best Vs Worse Streaming Subscriptions Per Genre

So, which genre lovers are getting the most for their money in their entertainment subscription services? 

For Amazon Prime Video, ‘Drama’, ‘Comedy’ and ‘Action & Adventure’ and ‘Documentaries’ are the best value for money genres with enough content to cost less than £0.03 per TV series or film. For those who like the grittier entertainment, ‘Thriller’ seekers will be paying £0.04 per jump-worthy show or film, making Amazon Prime Video the best streaming subscription service for a variety of genres. 

If Netflix is your preferred movie streaming subscription, the best value genres are ‘Drama’ and ‘Comedy’. But, any Anime lovers out there should definitely head to Netflix as the streaming platform that offers the most content for your fix. 

As for the streaming services to avoid, Apple TV+ offers a significantly lower amount of content, so the price per show makes it the least desirable. Are you less likely to invest in a streaming service that doesn’t cater to your entertainment choices? Save your entertainment budget by following our research and select the streaming service that provides the best value movie streaming service for your tastes!  

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