Loans for Bad Credit

Lending amounts of:  £100 – £5,000

Borrowing periods:  up to 3 years

A Clear Bad Credit Loans Service

Representative APR: 279.5% | Representative Example: Loan Amount: £300 | Borrowed for 60 days | Total Repayment: £420.82 in 2 monthly installments of £210.41 | Interest Charged: £120.82, interest rate 120.8% pa (Variable).

Bad credit loans online

Applying with LoanBird for loans for bad credit is simple:

  • Step One - Apply

    To find our specialist loans for bad credit, simply select the loan amount, followed by the time period you’ll need to repay it.

  • Step Two - Decision

    Once you’ve filled in our application form, submit your information to receive a decision from our online loan companies that cater for bad credit.

  • Step Three - Cash

    Once you have accepted the loan agreement, the money will be sent straight over to your bank account in as little as 10 minutes.

6 simple points regarding bad credit loans

What are Bad Credit Loans in the UK?

Bad credit loans are just that – loans for bad credit. If you don’t have the best credit score, these are simply a selection of loans that you have the highest chances of being approved for.

Loans for people with bad credit are available in many different forms, depending on your needs. You might be looking for payday loans for very bad credit, or loans for bad credit with no guarantor needed. When you have a less-than-perfect credit rating, it can actually be very difficult to find what you’re looking for. Luckily, you don’t need to understand the difference between payday loans and personal loans – we’ll help you find the right loans for bad credit from direct lenders based on your needs.

Guarantor loans are also usually offered to people with low credit score. They can be great if you need to borrow a higher amount than you would be eligible for alone, and they can sometimes help you get a better rate. However, they involve asking someone you know to co-sign the loan with you, and if you miss a repayment it will negatively affect their credit score too. If you don’t want to ask anyone to do this, we can help you find loans for bad credit with no guarantor too.

Should I Check My Credit Score First?

Your credit score impacts any lending you may be entitled to. This is whether it’s a credit card, mortgage or even a phone contract. It’s based on your credit history, so any money you’ve ever borrowed will be factored in. Also, how you’ve managed and made any repayments.

Your credit score will be significantly higher if you make your payments on time. Also, if you can show that you can reliably pay a longer-term loan, such as a credit card.

If you miss payments or default on your bills, this will reflect negatively on your credit report.

A higher credit score makes you more likely to be eligible for higher loans at better interest rates.

Can I rebuild good credit with a bad credit loan?

A bad credit loan is a type of borrowing. It’s designed for those who don’t have the best credit score. It can be extremely useful, as it can be one of the only types of borrowing available in those circumstances. This lending option is made to be paid in installments, rather than in one lump sum.

A credit score can be rebuilt, and a bad credit loan is the perfect place to start.

Can bad credit loans assist any circumstance?

One of the most attractive benefits of a bad credit loan is that it can be taken out by someone with bad credit or a minimal credit history. They can also be used as a starting point to build better credit reports.

Higher scores allow access to higher loan amounts, at significantly lower interest rates. This means that someone who is looking at taking out a mortgage, but is worried about being rejected due to bad (or no) credit, has a stepping stone to begin building a better report.

There are all sorts of reasons that someone might need to take out a loan, from an unexpected bill, to buying a new car. It’s also not entirely uncommon for some people to take out a loan for no reason other than to build up a decent, reliable and consistent credit history.

How high are the interest rates?

Your interest rate will be higher than the majority of personal bank loans, as these types of advances are offered by smaller, private companies. It is also a necessary cost for most companies you can borrow from, as a bad credit loan can be considered high risk to a lender.

The interest rate offered will be based on your current credit score, and the company that you borrow from. Regular loans are generally within the range of 5-25% APR. We would always advise to check this in the terms set out by your loan provider as this can vary.

It is important to note that as your score increases, your interest rate is likely to decrease.

Is it easy to keep track on repayments?

Unlike a payday loan, monthly repayments on an ongoing basis are encouraged with bad credit loans. Loan Bird offers borrowing of up to £25,000, with a repayment time of up to 5 years. You’ll be able to keep track of repayments by checking your bank account from month to month.

Your repayments will be calculated based on how much you borrow, and how long you’d like to pay it back.

Just remember, the longer a loan period is, the more you will end up paying due to the interest.

One of the best ways to improve your credit file is by making regular repayments, so always make sure that you pay your due amount by your due date, and you’ll start seeing results in no time!

Who offers bad credit loans, and how can I apply?

There is a multitude of creditors that offer bad credit loans out there. Often, these won’t be high street banks, but independent creditors.

It can be extremely overwhelming to try and find the right deal, which is why Loan Bird offer a convenient search tool. As a reliable credit broker, Loan Bird will scour the best current deals to find out what you can be immediately eligible for.

If you want to start working your way up from a bad credit score, feel free to apply online with us.

bad credit loans

Need Loans for Bad Credit with No Guarantor?

With such a wide panel of loans for bad credit from direct lenders (over 30 of them!) available, there’s something for everyone on offer at LoanBird. We’ve made it our mission to try and make sure that everyone has access to money when they need it most, regardless of what their credit score says. You’re welcome to apply if you can prove that you:

• Are at least 18 years of age

• Are a resident in the UK

• Have a regular source of income

• Have a bank account and valid debit card

Your source of income could be from full or part time employment, self employment. Some lenders are also willing to accept applicants with a benefits-only income.

Bad credit loans with no guarantor

Can anyone get an instant decision?

It’s easy to apply for a bad credit loan, most lenders will only take the information that they need to know. Such as your employment status, your income and your age, once you’ve done this you will receive an immediate yes or no. Anyone that applies will know where they stand in form of a decision.

As long as you can show us that you meet the necessary criteria and that you can afford your monthly repayments, you will have a great chance of being instantly approved for your loan.

LoanBird will never add any additional charges. Our service is completely free to use, unlike other providers who may charge you to use their comparison tool or find you a loan.

You should never have to pay anything upfront when you take out a loan. This is regardless of how bad your credit score is.

bad credit loans with an instant decision

Get Approved for Payday Loans with Very Bad Credit

The most important factor for increasing your chances of being approved for bad credit loans in the UK is to stick with what you can afford. Many payday loans for bad credit from direct lenders are assessed based on ‘affordability’, so the payday loans bad credit lender will look at your income and regular outgoings such as direct debits and credit card repayments. They’ll use this information to determine whether you can afford the repayments of your loan and still have enough money left over for living expenses.

Keeping the repayments low will also help in increasing your chances of approval. You can do this in two ways. Firstly, you should only ever borrow what you need. Overborrowing will mean that you’re paying interest unnecessarily, which isn’t advisable. Secondly, you can look at choosing a longer loan term – this is the period of time you take to repay the loan. Spreading the cost over a longer period will make each instalment smaller and more manageable. However, it can make the overall cost of your loan higher, as interest builds up over time.

The most important factor is making sure that you can afford the repayments of your loan yourself if you are looking for loans for bad credit with no guarantor. Not only for the sake of increasing your chances of approval, but making sure that you are less likely to default on the loan, which can further decrease your credit rating.

providing bad credit loans with from a direct lender

Find Loans for Bad Credit from Direct Lenders

Many lenders nowadays use a computerised approval system and will automatically reject anyone whose credit score falls below their minimum threshold. If you’re looking for payday loans for very bad credit, you’ll know how hard it can be to get approved.

It’s impossible to know for certain if you’ll be approved for payday loans for bad credit from direct lenders. At least, not until they’ve run a hard search credit check on your file. If you’re turned away after this and have to go to another payday loans bad credit lender, having multiple credit checks on your file can actually damage your credit score even further.

When you apply for loans for bad credit with no guarantor at LoanBird, you’ll have a very different experience. We’re a broker, not a direct lender. Don’t let this worry you though – our services are completely FREE for you to use.

It means that we’re able to process your application without needing to run a hard search credit check. Instead, we run a soft search check – this is the same as when you check your credit score yourself. It won’t show up on your credit file, and won’t impact your credit report.

What’s more, it means you have pre-approval for any bad credit loans in the UK that we show you. While we can’t guarantee that this means that every applicant will definitely mean you’ll be approved, it greatly improves your chances. It’s what helps us match such a high number of people up with payday loans for very bad credit. We’re able to help 8 out of 10 applicants find a loan.

Sometimes, people are turned down for loans for bad credit with no guarantor after getting our pre-approval. It’s very rare, but usually it will be because the information they’ve approved isn’t accurate. It’s therefore important that you’re completely honest with us in your application form.

Do all bad credit loans come with an instant approval?

It is difficult to guarantee a bad credit loan with an instant approval, especially with so many variations of customers circumstances to consider. Most people are aware that if you have a bad credit rating, you might find that your borrowing options are very limited. This can leave you worried, frustrated and stressed, especially if there isn’t anyone else that you can turn to for help.

We’ve all likely found ourselves in certain situations where emergency funds are needed. For instance, maybe your car broke down, you had to take your pet to an out-of-hours vet or you’ve received an unexpected urgent bill.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an impeccable credit score. At LoanBird, we understand that people will need a loan even with bad credit. We’ve made it our mission to try and make sure that everyone has access to money when they need it most, regardless of what their credit score says.

Our bad credit loans aren’t any different to standard “good credit” loans, with a very similar repayment structure and application process. We have some of the best short term-loans for bad credit, starting anywhere from £100 and larger loans up to £15,000. You can borrow over a total period of up to five years – whatever your needs are, we can help.

bad credit loans with instant approvals

Apply for Loans for Bad Credit from Direct Lenders

Applying for loans for bad credit with no guarantor couldn’t be simpler at LoanBird. You can do it from your mobile phone, tablet or computer – all you need is an internet connection. This can be a lifesaver if you need payday loans for very bad credit in an emergency – the application only takes a few minutes and you can find same day loans that let you solve the issue quickly.

Our online application is completely safe and secure. You can double check that you’re on our secure website and that you can see a padlock symbol in the address bar of your browser. Your personal and financial information is completely safe with us, we’ll never pass it on without your express consent in order to move your loan application forward.

Once you’ve completed the application, our fast-acting technology will tell you almost instantly what loans for bad credit you’re eligible for. All you need to do is choose the one you think is best (all of our lenders are fully FCA authorised and trustworthy) and move the application forward!


Find the Best Bad Credit Loans in the UK Today

It can be extremely overwhelming to try and find the right loans for bad credit, which is why Loan Bird offers a convenient search tool. As a reliable credit broker, Loan Bird will scour the best current deals to find out what you can be immediately eligible for.

So don’t delay, find out what payday loans for bad credit from direct lenders you could get today! Simply click the Apply Now button and fill out our straightforward form. If you need any more information about our bad credit loans in the UK before you apply, contact LoanBird and we’ll be more than happy to help.

I Have a Bad Credit Mark on My Credit File, What Can I Do?

Here’s a quick tip:

Don’t just accept that bad credit mark

Most of us use some kind of credit. Whether it’s a hire purchase, finance agreement or a credit card, borrowing money is extremely commonplace. The thing is that many people who regularly make use of credit don’t actually know whether they have a bad credit mark on their files or not.

It’s essential that you keep a close eye on your overall credit score and report. Especially if you’re a frequent user of credit.  Many services such as Experian, will send you monthly reminders and updates to make it as easy as possible for you to monitor your files.

If you’ve recently found out that you do have a ‘mark’ on your file, don’t worry. There are some things that you can do to try and remove or repair the mark – you don’t just have to accept it.

We all make mistakes from time to time, including your financial service providers. If you do notice an unfamiliar mark or a negative rating on your credit report, you should immediately contact the bank, lender or financier directly so that they can identify and rectify any potential issues. We’ll go into more detail further down the page.

Review your file now and again

It’s not as uncommon as you may think for a bad mark to appear on your credit file in error. Reference agencies have a lot of different information coming in from a lot of different people, so there will naturally be the occasional slip-up.

These errors are usually simple internal problems such as the agency receiving incorrect or out of date information. Or, even crossing over information between two separate people – that’s why it’s so important to regularly check your credit file!

When you review your credit file, analyse it thoroughly to ensure that every account listed does belong to you and that none of your other accounts are missing. You wouldn’t want a potential error affecting the chance of being accepted for credit further down the line. Remember, your financial future is important.

If you do identify any errors, try following these two steps:

1. Contact the credit reference agencies  

The first thing we’d advise you to do is contact all four of the main credit reference agencies.Companies. These are – TransUnion (formerly Callcredit), Equifax, Experian and Crediva. Each of these organisations are regulated by the FCA, and they do have a legal duty to review any query you have under the Customer Credit Act.

Here’s what Experian has to say:

“When we receive your query we will handle this in accordance with your rights under the Consumer Credit Act. This means we will contact the Organisation who provided the data you are querying and let you know the outcome within 28 days. This is because in most circumstances we are not allowed to change information on your credit report without permission from the company who provided it to us.”

You can contact each agency in a few different ways. It’s best to find the ‘contact us’ page listed on their respective websites and follow the recommended pathway of communication. You’ll be able to find any information on how to make a general query or raise a dispute, allowing you to easily correct any mistakes on your file.

Experian have an address that you can write to, a number to call and a contact form on their website. The contact form offers the option of “errors on my credit report” which, when selected, will provide you with the opportunity to add any supporting notes.

Callcredit and Equifax offer an email address and an address which you can write to.

Whats the process with credit reference agencies?

Each agency will give a timescale advising how long it should take them to respond. So, take note of this and you can follow your query up if they are ever late with their response.

You’ll be able to find out more information on each CRA from their website. We’ve listed these below for quick, easy access.

Even though contacting them online is generally much more convenient, it might not always be the most effective approach. In some cases, it may be better to send a documented letter which details the specifics of the dispute and any supporting evidence that you have.

If you’re disputing a negative credit mark, you should send a detailed letter along with a document confirming that you did make a payment on time. This will highlight the error whilst providing, in no uncertain terms, proof that it should be removed from your credit file.

When sending any letter, you should aim to use a signed-for postal service. This will allow you to check for updates online, which might be especially important if you’re waiting for credit to be approved.

2. Contact your creditor/lender

As well as contacting the relevant CRA, it’s also extremely important to contact the creditor or lender directly. You can then determine whether the issue is an error on their end or not. All of your creditors will report to at least one of the CRAs, so it is possible that they sent incorrect information.

When you do get in touch with the bank, you should make them aware of the situation. Explain to them why you want to make a dispute, tell them about the mistake and why you believe it to be incorrect.

It’s best practice to send the same documents you sent to the reference agencies. They will support your dispute, and can provide the necessary evidence to remove any unwarranted marks on your credit file. Better yet – make sure that the lender includes you in any and all correspondence between themselves and the CRAs.

These issues can’t usually be solved overnight. It can take weeks, or even months for a lender to identify any problem. So, you should be persistent in your follow-ups; you made need to chase the problem up more than once.

Loans for bad credit ratings

Are you struggling to get a loan with a bad credit mark? We actually have lenders who specifically offer and deal with bad credit loans. They consider all types of circumstances and specifically cater to look beyond poor credit. Why not try our service? It’s completely free and has absolutely no effect on your rating.

If you do take a loan out with one of our lenders, they may report this to your credit file.

Our software provides a quick service for bad credit loans:

Soft search only

Access our quick online loans for bad credit with no credit footprint.

Flexible Borrowing terms

We have many options to offer, for all types of circumstances.

Online Only

Quick service and response time.

No Cold calling

We work online only, so no need for us to contact you.

Our service is free

No hidden charges with us.

same day deposits

Our customers love how quick the service is.

Representative APR: 279.5% | Representative Example: Loan Amount: £300 | Borrowed for 60 days | Total Repayment: £420.82 in 2 monthly installments of £210.41 | Interest Charged: £120.82, interest rate 120.8% pa (Variable).

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