Bad Credit Loans Direct Lender

Many people seeking bad credit loans will want to go direct to a lender, but why? The thing is most direct lenders usually need to conduct a hard credit search when dealing with bad credit loans. In addition, you should be considering what the best option is for you while keeping that credit score healthy.

The reason a lender might carry-out a thorougher check commonly boils down to a few contributing factors. In this article, we explain some of these reasons in detail to give you a much better understanding of the process from start to finish. 

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Representative APR: 279.5% | Representative Example: Loan Amount: £300 | Borrowed for 60 days | Total Repayment: £420.82 in 2 monthly installments of £210.41 | Interest Charged: £120.82, interest rate 120.8% pa (Variable).

Managing Your Finances Is Crucial If You Have Bad Credit

Managing Your Finances While Having Bad Credit

Have you ever found yourself standing in a shop, looking to buy something you need, and as soon as you try to check out, your credit cards maxed out? Or have you been in a situation where you’ve ignored your bills/reminders and not kept up with payments?

Then when you look to borrow, lenders either ask too many questions or simply refuse you access to a loan. 

If you are unaware this might seem odd to you, but the thing is, these examples affect your credit score adversely.  Checking your credit score should be the first plan of action!

Before we get into our main topic here, having a background knowledge is extremely crucial. You need to understand the core fundamentals to then dive into your best suited funding options. So, let us get on with it!  

What Are Bad Credit Loans?

Bad credit loans come into play when a person has failed to pay his/her debts. Usually, they fail to make necessary payments to a lender, which ends up earning them a negative credit score.  

It indicates that the credit history of such an individual is bad or poor and he/she comes under the category of a potential defaulter. 

We need to note here that bad credit is not the same as bad debt. Bad debt underlines the inability of an individual or a company being able to pay a lender back the loan owed.  

What does your credit score mean to direct lenders

What Is A Credit Score and What Does It Indicate to a Lender?

A credit score is a rating that is given by the credit rating agency or a financial institution. This is based on the customers ability to pay back a certain debt. 

If timely payments have been issued, this usually means that you’ll have a good credit rating or history. This shows that you manage your debts and expenses well, giving you that excellent or good score.  

On the other hand, if you have a low score or a bad score, it means that you have a very poor history of meeting your debt obligations. In simple words, it means that you have not cleared bills or installments on time. 

A credit score usually ranges from between 300 – 850. A score of 700 or 700 plus is considered to be excellent. A score of between 650 till 700 is considered to be good. 600 till 650 to be fair, from 300 – 600 to be poor, and lastly, 300 below to be bad.

The table below summarizes the scores:

Credit Rating   Credit Score Range  
Excellent  700+ 
Good  650-700 
Fair  600-650 
Poor   300-600 
Bad  300 and below 

What Does It All Mean for Bad Credit Loans and A Direct Lender?

Ratings and a credit scores give the lending company an idea whether to lend to the applicant. This will show them the financial security they expect or not based on your credit rating history.  

For example, a person who doesn’t pay their dues to their credit card company will score less than a person who pays on time. Based on this information, a lender may deny any credit or a loan application. This could apply to individuals or even companies that have a bad history. 

However, if they do decide to lend to that particular individual, then certain conditions might be set in places such as high-interest rates, large initial deposit, or collateral. It is safe to say that these lenders will regard you as a high risk.  

On the other hand, if you have a good credit history, lenders normally won’t hesitate to lend you money. Hence, it is very important that you manage your expenses and clear your dues on time to avoid unnecessary trouble. 

Now that you have a basic knowledge about how these things work let us dive in further. 

loanbird showing an infographic of how direct lenders assess your credit report

How Does the Pre-Qualification Work with Direct Lenders?

Whenever you apply for any type of credit or loan facility, the lender or the credit rating agency runs two types of check inquiries in order to generate a credit report:

  1. Hard inquiry 
  2. Soft inquiry 

A hard inquiry is the one where the lender goes through your file after you apply for credit or loans. This changes your credit score whether it’s either for the good or the bad.  

A soft inquiry is the one that happens when you apply through a broker, and this review doesn’t impact your credit scores at all. 

Once you have established your bad credit rating position (in this article, we will use the point of view of bad credit), you will then look into your funding options. Funding options largely depend on affordability, tenure and the amount. For such individuals that seek bad credit loans it’s wise to be aware of this.  

What Is A Bad Credit Loan with A Direct Lender

What Are Bad Credit Loans with A Direct Lender?

Bad credit loans with a direct lender are intended for people who have a history of bad credit rating. They are unsecured, personal and also used for small amounts. Most direct lenders usually deal with amounts from £100 to £3000 as it’s less risk.

They are very rarely available at any high street banks or online banks. You have to search for such direct lenders, loan brokers, or agencies that deal with these kinds of loans. 

Something to note. Applying with a direct lender that doesn’t deal with bad credit loans will still have an impact on your score. So, it’s always a good move to carry out some research.

What Are Direct Lenders?

A direct lender is a financial institution which decides whether you are suitable for a loan or not after going through your credit rating report. If they find it satisfactory, they’ll pay a loan directly to the individual needing one. Essentially, they lend their own money, like a bank would. 

There are different types of lenders, which can include high street and online customer platforms. 

However, it may be time-consuming considering the amount of effort one has to put in before qualifying for a loan. Especially if one lacks the relevant knowledge and information about who to approach, who to avoid and who is the best person to deal with. If for relevant reasons, one lender refuses, then you have to start the whole process again with another lender.

Be mindful that jumping from lender to lender can turn into a negative domino effect on your credit rating.

If your lender agrees to the loan, they will hand over your funds quickly and directly to you, thus making it a speedy process. However, as advised above – if your loan process is approached in the wrong way it could result in an expensive lesson.  

a well dressed man researching bad credit loans with credit brokers and lenders

What Is A Loan Broker?

Loan brokers are well known in a few areas of finance. For instance, mortgage brokers, secured loan brokers and personal loan brokers. Brokers basically provide an alternative for customers to use, rather than using the option of a direct lender. A loan broker is an entity that connects the individual to various lenders based on the customers information they have given.

In a nutshell, they serve as guiding personnel to the customer and borrower.  

The necessary information they take from a bad credit risk individual goes through their pool of lenders and generate a quote from which sends this information back to the individual/borrower so that they can decide which lender to go with. 

Once the individual decides this a broker connects them to that lender acting as an intermediary. Meaning they take care of introduction to start the lending process. Usually all the customers necessary pre-approval information is collected beforehand and the official paperwork and loan documentation is sent by the lender. Think of it that they act as an agent to the borrowers and lenders.  

What Do Loan Brokers Charge?

They earn money by charging a minimal fee from the lending party, and it is up to the discretion of the lender as to what this expense is. They normally offer a quick and slick system; most people prefer using a broker rather than a lender because they do the hard work for the customer. The reason for this is they have a vast knowledge and experience in handling such applications, and have a huge networking base of potential lenders.

Most personal loan brokers cost nothing to the customer and can search more lenders in seconds than the customer has time for in a week. 

Along with this, using a broker instead of going to a number of lenders means you’re dealing with one company. Thus, making it easier to determine the kind of loan you may or may not qualify for.

It is very important to note here that a lot of lenders work very closely with these brokers. All the work that they do is closely monitored, and many regulations are set in place to avoid fraudulent activity.

should you choose a bad credit loan with a direct lender or broker

Is A Bad Credit Loan Better with A Direct Lender or Loan Broker?

After understanding the concepts and the job description of them both, it is safe to say that one might suit you better than the other. So, how will you select the best option? It is simple! 

You might have a very cordial relationship with a particular lender e.g. a bank you’re already banking with. Thus meaning, you’d rather stick to what you know so there’s no need for the involvement of a 3rd party or middleman. So, a direct lender is most probably your best option.  

However, if you don’t want the trouble of contacting various lenders. Also, dealing with the application process and paperwork by yourself, and are keen on dealing with only one company throughout the whole ordeal, then using a broker could be your best option.

As is a broker i suppose we are bias towards brokering options. Whether it’s a mortgage a car or even a watch, using a broker can save you a fair bit of time and most importantly money.

an infographic advising what to do before applying for a bad credit loan with a direct lenderHow Can I Apply with Bad Credit to A Direct Lender?

Applying for a loan with a direct lender knowing you’ve got bad credit can cause you to be cautious, and rightly so. The thing is, many people with bad credit don’t want to make it any worse. Being denied a loan plus a hard credit search can send your score even further south.  

Be smart with who you apply with, make sure they entertain bad credit. Also, try to use a service where you find out if you’re likely to be accepted or not so your credit report stays as it is.  

All our direct lenders are online only and applying with them starts by filling in some quick details. This will help them evaluate your state of affairs correctly in order to give you a true reflection of their decision. The main details they will need are as follows: 

  • Your Full Name 
  • Monthly Income/Expenditure 
  • Country You’re a Resident to 
  • Your Employment Information 
  • Active Bank Account Details 

checking your credit score before applying with a direct lender can benefit you

Disadvantages & Benefits with Direct Lenders

There are a few negatives and benefits to consider when applying with a lender directly. It’s always important you evaluate all options when searching for a loan, especially with bad credit. Here is a list of some benefits and possible disadvantages to think of: 

What Are the Benefits of Bad Credit Loans with A Direct Lender?

  • You’ve used a particular direct lender before. If you’ve used a particular loan company before then they will more than likely let you borrow form them again.    
  • Most direct lenders work onlineIt’s much easier to access money online, so If you can navigate around a website well you should find it pretty simple to apply for a loan.  
  • There are quite a few direct lenders now catering to bad credit. People automatically assume they have limited options when they have a bad credit score. Lenders will always look to assess your situation to see if they can help.  
  • They can’t charge astronomical APR and interest anymore. Due to a change in FCA laws they now can’t charge more than double what the loan is.  

Disadvantages of Bad Credit Loans with A Direct Lender

  • You limit your credit options. Applying with one lender directly means you’re missing out on services that can search a group of lenders for you via one application form.  
  • If you’re rejected it can impact your next loan application. If a lender decides to reject your loan request, they could pass this on to credit reference agencies. 
  • Finding a lender to suit your circumstances can be time consuming. This is why so many people use comparison websites and credit brokers as their service operates on a wider search.  
  • Direct lenders that deal with bad credit normally charge high interest. This is obviously based on your credit score so you’re seen as high risk. However, there could be a better option out there for you, like a guarantor.  
  • Some lenders will do a hard credit check. If you’re unlucky enough to get a “no” from the lender this could knock a few more point off your score. However, other lenders can act on a light check for you to gauge if you’re likely to be accepted. Also, credit brokers usually work on a soft search process, we’d advise you find this out beforehand. 

How Many Direct Lenders in UK Deal with Bad Credit Loans?

There’s a good handful of direct lenders that deal with bad credit loans in the UK. There were a lot more lenders a few years ago, but when the FCA enforced the repayment price cap it got rid of the greedy firms.  

The loan industry needed this transition to happen, especially for people with bad credit. Unfortunately, some borrowers found themselves in a situation where they would never be able to repay the loan. However, the industry is now a much more ethical and safer place for borrowers.  

The image below groups some of the UK’s direct lenders whom deal with bad credit. 

An image showing how many direct lenders in the uk deal with bad credit loans

Bad Credit Loans Direct Lender – FAQ’s:

How Can I Get a Loan with Very Poor Credit? 

While very poor credit is not likely to put you in the driving seat for the best loan rates, it’s still possible for you to access the money you need. In fact, there are many lenders who offer bad credit loans. After all, to build up a good credit score, you are going to need to borrow money – strange but true! 

Bad credit loans are great if you are struggling to pay for a large purchase or want to consolidate debts. However, these loans will often come with high interest rates. That’s because the lenders you borrow from are effectively taking risks lending to you based on your credit history. It’s important, therefore, only to apply for bad credit loans that you can feasibly pay back. 

Otherwise, there are guarantor loan options. Guarantor loans allow you to apply for credit with the backing of someone willing to foot your repayments if you default. However, your guarantor is going to need a strong credit history and will ideally be in a professional position. It is always worth looking into the various terms and conditions for guarantor loans if you are aware of someone who is willing to support you. 

Just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean you are locked out of borrowing money. Far from it. If you are worrying about poor credit history affecting your ability to borrow, it’s worth consulting with a financial advisor. Or, there are plenty of leading lenders out there willing to offer you a helping hand. However, as mentioned, this will normally come at the expense of high interest or guarantor backing attached. 

Which Loan Company is Best for Bad Credit? 

There are plenty of loan companies in the UK willing to support people with poor credit. While there may not be a single loan company considered best for bad credit, it is always worth looking through the big high street lenders and online services to see who is willing to reach out to lower credit scores. 

Services such as free credit brokers and comparison sites are good places to start. Furthermore, using a loan search engine gives you a good idea of what the bigger companies and lenders are offering in general to individuals with bad credit. Big lenders understand that people with bad credit will be looking for ways to break free from their history and to start afresh. However, they will also be taking risks in many respects – and will therefore normally need to offer a higher rate of interest than you might expect. 

When looking for the best loan company for bad credit, make sure to keep an eye out for secured loans, guarantor loans, and even those personal loans with a flexible repayment schedule. You might even be able to secure a loan for bad credit from a peer to peer lending service. This is where you borrow money from investors, not a high street brand or bank. Much like banks, however, they will make money back on interest. 

There are plenty of great companies out there willing to be flexible with poor credit. Don’t get disheartened on your first search alone!  

Can You Get a Loan with a 570 Credit Score? 

If you use services such as Experian, you may already know what your credit score totals at. An excellent score is anything considered 700 or above. 570 or less, on the whole, is considered very poor. Therefore, you may be at risk of missing out on the best borrowing rates and opportunities. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to borrow any money at all. 

A 570 score or less is likely to tell lenders that you have had difficulty paying bills in the past. This means that lenders will look at your score and will immediately assume you may not be able to pay their rates back. However, this may well not be the case! Plenty of people with 570 scores or less – 16% of the country, according to Experian – will be keen to start afresh and to start paying money back responsibly in future. 

Therefore, yes – you can get a loan with a 570 score. You may be able to take out a guarantor loan, which enables someone to pay on your behalf if you can’t make an instalment. Or, you may be able to take out a short-term loan at a higher rate of interest. In the long run, of course, the best way to access the best loans and rates is to build up your score. You can do this through careful borrowing, through clearing existing debt, and to consider secured credit. 

Therefore, even if you have a very poor score – there are still ways for you to borrow the money you need. 

Where Can I Borrow Money ASAP? 

It’s perfectly possible for you to borrow money from ‘instant lenders’. Instant lenders will generally offer you a decision on your loan application within a few hours. Therefore, while the decision might not be as ‘instant’ as you think, it is still much quicker than loan applications through traditional means. 

Services such as instant loans and payday loans are likely to appeal to people who need money ASAP. However, payday loans in particular will carry some drawbacks. With this type of loan, as you are borrowing for a very short period, lenders can inflate their interest rates. There is greater regulation in place regarding UK lending in this day and age. However, you must make sure that you will be able to keep up to repayments, both in terms of the amounts due and the schedule. 

Therefore, if you do want to borrow money quickly, and are concerned regarding how much you may end up paying in the long run, it will be worth talking to a lender you’ve already dealt with. Some lenders will take longer than others to process requests. However, if you already hold an account with a specific lender, you may find that they are able to process your loan request quicker than normal. 

However, this is by no means a given. Be sure to compare and contrast loan deals and rates with various lenders. Payday loans can work well for some people, but if you’re trying to break free from debt or poor credit, they may not be your best first choice. 

How Can I Get a Bad Credit Loan with a Direct Lender Only? 

There are plenty of reasons why people prefer to borrow money with direct lenders only. One being that sourcing a bad credit loan this way usually means it’s coming from one specific place. Some people would rather deal with just the one company, so it depends on personal preference really. However, if you have poor or bad credit, you may find that the opportunities to borrow from direct lenders only might be fairly slim. That’s because direct lenders will want to take as few risks as possible when it comes to getting their money back. 

However, that doesn’t count you out completely. If you do have bad credit, say a score of 570 or less, you can still find direct lenders online who are willing to help you. It makes sense to run a thorough loan or lender search. You can, naturally, try this through Google or Bing, or you can use a specific loans search engine to see who will be happy to help you. 

Direct lenders will often expect more back from you if you are trying to borrow money with bad credit. That, as mentioned, is due to the perceived risk. You have to remember that any lenders seeing a poor credit score will assume you may not be able to pay back any money at all. 

Direct lenders who are willing to help people with bad credit may request you pay higher interest rates. They may even expect you to find a guarantor, who is someone professional and willing that can pay for your arrears if you’re unable to. 

What’s the Eligibility for a Bad Credit Loan with a Direct Lender? 

Eligibility for bad credit loans with direct lenders will vary from service to service. Generally, providing you are over the age of 18, are resident in the UK and have a bank account in the country, there will be options open to you. However, do also be aware that you will need to prove you have a regular income. This, at the very least, will show lenders that you are going to have money available to pay them back regularly. 

Direct lenders will also request that, on the whole, you pay back loans at higher rates of interest than you may normally expect. This is a balance that you will need to meet if you are borrowing money on a bad credit basis. This allows lenders to continue offering you money with minimal risk at their side. There is risk applied to both the lender and the borrower during these processes – it’s crucial to remember this if you want to get the best deals! 

Otherwise, do always make sure that you read the terms and conditions of loan applications carefully. Otherwise, you may find that you are bound to a deal that you cannot adhere to. Before you take out any kind of loan, you must ensure that you have the income and the ability to pay money back to a lender through the timescales they demand. 

Otherwise, failure to repay could result in further credit damage, and it may even impact how much you can borrow – if at all – in the future.  

How Can I Get an Instant Decision with Bad Credit and a Direct Lender? 

Anyone keen to borrow money instantly with bad credit will want to access a decision as soon as physically possible. It’s only natural! However, taking out loans with bad credit can take time, especially with a direct lender, who will want to make sure that they are taking a calculated risk. Unfortunately, if you apply for any kind of loan with poor credit, you are going to be subject to particular checks and measures. 

However, there are some services available which will offer you super-quick decisions on loan applications. Some will bill themselves as ‘instant lenders’. This doesn’t always mean that you are going to get decisions on your loan requests right away. However, it does mean that you will normally hear back within a couple of hours regarding the best rates available to you. Instant direct lenders tend to be a good option for those borrowers who need access to short-term money. 

However, do be prepared to pay a little bit more in terms of interest if you are borrowing directly on an ‘instant’ or short-term basis. The shorter the repayment period, the more likely it is that lenders will apply higher interest tariffs. This, however, is often seen as a good balance if it means you getting money earlier. 

Make sure that you carefully look through leading lenders and providers. While some will take a few days to process a decision on your request, it is often worth doing that extra bit of research to make sure you’re happy That said, there are plenty of direct lenders out there willing to offer money to people with poor credit fairly quickly. 

Where Can I Get a Bad Credit Loan with a Direct Lender Online? 

There are plenty of great ways for you to get a bad credit loan from a direct lender online. For example, one of the best ways is to run a quick search through a loans portal or engine. It’s entirely possible for you to compare loans and rates from a variety of different providers. Bad credit loan options are likely to be more widespread than you imagine, meaning that it’s always worth keeping an open mind. 

While many direct lenders will prefer to loan money to people with good credit, many will offer opportunities to those with poor credit histories. For example, you may be able to apply for a secured loan. However, this means that you will often need to attach an asset such as collateral. This might mean that you have to stake your property or vehicle on your loan. Of course, if you can’t pay back your loan amount, you would effectively lose these assets. 

Therefore, do be sure to look carefully through the terms and conditions offered by direct lenders. Many who are happy to help people with poor credit may also increase their interest rates or borrowing periods. It’s possible to get a bad credit loan from a direct lender through a loan search engine, or through a simple search. However, it’s also worth appealing to services such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, as well as money advice services available to UK citizens. 

Ultimately, there are ways and means for you to borrow money directly on bad credit – never give up hope! 

How Can LoanBird Assist You?

We give you access to a large group of direct lenders, many of them dealing with bad credit. Each lender we work with is fully regulated to ensure you’re only dealing with reputable lenders. Our direct lenders will operate as quickly as possible to provide you a loan.

Applying with LoanBird is free, plus your request will be seen immediately by every lender on our panel. Thus meaning, you’ve got more loan companies viewing your application which could result in a much higher chance of getting accepted.

LoanBird has plenty of direct lenders offering payday loans for bad credit

What Are the Other Loan Options Lenders Provide?

As regards to a loan you should always choose the offer which gives you the best possible rates. This one can be a bit tricky and time-consuming, but it always pays dividends. What you could always do is approach both companies and get a quotation for your circumstances. Then, you can compare the rates and select the one which is best for you to go with.  

On the other hand, if you still can’t decide on whether to go for a bad credit loan with a direct lender or a loan broker, then you can opt for other options.

For example, credit card companies now offer cards specifically designed to assist bad credit, or even with no credit history.  

other direct loan options for bad credit

Peer-To-Peer Lending Networks

This network, just like a loan broker, also serves as an intermediary between lenders and individuals. The only difference is that they cater to the needs of the entrepreneurial approach rather than personal. Hence, their lenders are investors rather than consumer finance companies.  

This network is also known as P2P lending. It connects the borrowers to different levels of risk.  

Secured Personal Loans

This loan involves having collateral such as a car, house, personal property to secure short-term or long-term loans.  

Guarantor Personal Loans

This type of loan makes sure that the debt is covered. It is done by lenders allowing the individuals/borrowers to take out a personal loan, which is guaranteed by an individual close to the borrower. It could either be a family member, a colleague, a friend, or a partner. If the borrower fails to pay back the debt, the guarantor is obligated to cover the cost.  

Payday Loans and Bad Credit

Bad credit payday loans are based on small amount of borrowing and need to be dealt with carefully. These lenders are usually less keen to know your credit rating and may focus more on your current financial condition. The payday loan is supposed to be paid back when you get your wage from work. If you fail to clear your payday debts on time, there can be a heavy financial penalty which you would have to bear. Thus, it might worsen your credit rating even further.  

Borrowing from Family or Friends

If you have a closely-knit family or a group of trustworthy friends, then it might be in your best interest to borrow from them. This would be an easy option to take if they’re willing to lend you the money. You might be able to get away with little interest or none which could really ease your financial troubles.  


Although lending and borrowing is known to be big business, it is best that one aims to try and avoid having a bad credit rating. And if for some reason, you do end up having a high or bad credit score, it is better that you try to find ways to eliminate or reduce those risks associated with having one.  

Funding and financing are amazing tools we have available, but if used rashly or irresponsibly or even exploited, it can prove to be severely problematic for you or your business. 

Topics Related to Bad Credit Direct Lenders

Installment loans for bad credit direct lenders only

When you apply with any direct lender your bad credit loan will be set up to repay with installments. This essentially means, the loan is to be paid back to lender with a fixed amount over a certain period of time.  

Usually, an installment loan for bad credit will be that of a payday or short-term loan only. The borrower will normally have a choice of how short or long they want the installments to go on for.  

Payday loans bad credit direct lender

A lot of people aren’t aware that most direct lenders who deal with payday loans will always consider bad credit. There’s a preconception about payday loans and bad credit, that they’re separate products when in fact they are very similar 

For a direct lender, payday loans and bad credit go hand in hand. Fundamentally, lenders will look to adjust the interest rate based on how good (or bad) the borrowers credit score is. 

Very bad credit loans no guarantor direct lender

When you’re searching for very bad credit loans with no guarantor you’ve got to accept that the direct lender will charge a higher APR rate. Having very bad credit will probably mean you have a credit score of less than 300.  

This usually indicates that you’ve had a history of multiple missed payments or unpaid debt. There are direct lenders that will still loan you money, you’ll just need to ensure you can afford the repayments.  

£100 loan direct lender bad credit

We have a range of direct lenders that offer loans for bad credit, most starting from £100. It’s much easier to obtain a loan of £100 with bad credit as it’s only a small amount to the lender.  

Usually, this amount of money will only be able to be borrowed over a short period of time. They are formally known as a type of high-cost short-term credit.  

Small loans for bad credit direct lender

There are two main small loan types that direct lenders will consider with bad credit. These are short-term loans and payday loans, which can be easily accessed online.  

A small loan usually starts from around £50-£100 and would be borrowed over a short time frame. Direct lenders are much more likely to borrow smaller bad credit loans. Reason being, affordability normally isn’t a problem to the borrower, also the lender shouldn’t have any issues getting their money back.  

Same day loans bad credit direct lenders

How easy is it to get a same day loan for bad credit? This ultimately depends on the lender and how quickly they want to work. When you have bad credit, the lender might require more information off you or will want to conduct further checks.  

Whether you have bad credit or not, with LoanBird we can give you a same day decision for the loan you need.  

200 loan bad credit direct lender

Most people won’t have a problem getting a 200 loan with bad credit from a direct lender. Now and again, we get asked for advice from the public on why we think their loan has been rejected. If you are applying with a lender directly you do need to make sure you’re using the right ones. 

It often comes up that people are applying in the wrong places and getting rejected straight away. Also, another common mistake is that people tend to leave errors on their application form. So, if you can give your application a once over before you submit it.  

Payday loans direct lender no credit check

If a direct lender tells you they can offer you a payday loan with no credit check, you should definitely act on some due diligence. Some loan companies will start with a light search which can give you an idea of your options before you commit. 

We’ve noticed over the years that “no credit check” has become a really popular term that’s searched. At some point loan companies must do a credit check, this is so they can understand risk and arrange the interest appropriately.  

Further Information on Bad Credit:

Representative APR: 279.5% | Representative Example: Loan Amount: £300 | Borrowed for 60 days | Total Repayment: £420.82 in 2 monthly installments of £210.41 | Interest Charged: £120.82, interest rate 120.8% pa (Variable).

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