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Are you killing your credit score? Register to vote

Are you killing your credit score? Register to vote

Killing your credit score? Register to vote

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’ll know that politics has been at the forefront of most people’s minds in Britain this year. With Brexit looming, it’s been a turbulent time. If you’ve been watching from a distance then you could be killing your credit score. One of the biggest silent credit score killers is not being registered to vote. Getting on the electoral roll can benefit you in many ways. Here’s just a few.

Improve your credit score

You’ve probably heard of your Experian Credit Score. The better it is, the better chance you’ll have being accepted by certain lenders. If your credit score isn’t good then don’t worry, Loan Bird has you covered. We’ve got a selection of bad credit loans which can get you on your way. When we say lenders, we’re not just talking about getting a loan, it covers mobile phone lenders and mortgages too. Being registered to vote has a big impact on this as it helps lenders confirm your name and address.

Credit applications take less time

One of the reasons why it’s good to be on the electoral role is that lenders won’t have to ask you for other forms in order to identity to prove your details. This saves time as you won’t have any unexpected delays to your application.

Other applications take less time too

It;s not just lenders that will check your involvement in the electoral roll into consideration. By registering, you’ll have a much easier time getting insurance, legal and accounting services and some public services too like getting a passport.

Job applications

This might come as a shock, but some businesses will actively use the electoral roll to check your details when you apply for employment. So being on the electoral roll won’t do you any harm when searching for a new job.

When you’re looking for a financial solution, then being on the electoral roll can really help you stand out to lenders. If it’s not enough to give you a good credit score then don’t fret as Loan Bird have plenty of bad credit loans available. Our application process also works in a very similar way to no credit check loans, it’s known as a soft credit search. So, no impact on your credit file!